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A Comparison of the Standards for the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Project (MHSIP) with Selected Children's Information Systems.

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This paper presents findings of a study that examined the extent to which children's mental health agencies can meet the information needs they consider to be most important and also comply with recommended standards of the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Projects (MHSIP). Three children's data sets representing three different agency information priorities were selected: an information system for client and program management; the data set for a national children's mental health program evaluation; and a social service agency data set for children involved in foster care and adoption. Questions were posed concerning what changes would need to be made in an existing information system to either meet MHSIP standards or (if it currently meets MHSIP standards) to serve other program management functions. The study found that MHSIP standards were very compatible with mental health agency needs for program and client management data as well as with needs for evaluation data. (DB)

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Author:Hutcheson, Sigrid
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Clinical report
Date:Feb 1, 1996
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