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A Colour Atlas of Tomato Diseases.

The subtitle is Observe, Identify, Control. Such a succinct series of processes could be applied to many other areas of industry but in this case they serve to crystallize what needs doing.

Readers will appreciate that enormous numbers of tomatoes are used each and every day in the industry and consumed as such by the general public. Thus, this fully pictorial book shows the typical problems encountered in the tomato growing industry and identifies how to combat them. Part 1 demonstrates the techniques of diagnoses for both parasitic and non parasitic types of infection by identifying irregularities in roots, the stem and the fruit. Part 2 deals with pathogenic agents and their control and a third part deals with the measures to be taken.

After explaining how one uses this book, the reader finds chapters with titles: Irregularities and changes to leaflets and leaves, leaflet and leaf deformations, leaflet and leaf discolorations, spots on leaflets and leaves, wilting and dried leaflets leaves with or without yellowing; Irregularities and changes to the roots; Irregularities and discoloration of the collar (and underground stem); Irregularities and changes to the fruit; Bacteria; Fungi, fungi attacking leaves; fungi responsible for fruit rot; fungi (and nematodes) attacking roots; fungi attacking the collar and sometimes the stem, vascular fungi; Viruses; Mycoplasma from the 'aster yellows' group; and Measures to be taken to remedy some non parasitic diseases.

This is an unusual book but if tomatoes are your line of business then you'll need a copy.
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Date:Dec 1, 1992
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