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A Colour Atlas of Meat Inspection.


By J Infant Gal and J Costa Durao.

For the meat business it is essential that animals destined for slaughter are given a thorough examination and indeed careful postmortem one to ensure that the meat is safe for human consumption.

As one might suspect this book is a very informative collection of colour illustrations showing the range of diseases that might be encountered in animals. In each case a full description is given together with the proper decision that should be made regarding the safe use for human consumption after slaughter. The captions identify the species concerned, the body parts and a diagnosis of the pathology involved.

In case this sounds all too technical, it should perhaps be stressed that it is all too necessary to ensure the safety of the meat business. We understand that the decisions made are based on recommendations included in the `international code of practice for antimortem and post-mortem judgement of slaughter animals and meat'.

This is one of those most useful texts because it features illustrations from thousands of examinations carried out during the past several decades, and not everyone encounters all of them.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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