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A Canadian Lament. (Poetry).


Nativity rocks
on a sea
of conflicts
as storm
clouds rage
showers of implacable
on fields of social life

Drenched to the core,
I wager
on democracy's
impervious charms
to mold
a fellowship
from our consumptive
the values
of hypocrisy,
"I stand on guard for thee"
Shackled to your dreams
and schemes.
I sail,
Beleaguered in your storms of anxiety.

Anthony Joyette, a former editor of this magazine, is a Montreal writer and artist. He is dedicated to bringing relevance to Black creativity in Canada. His poetry, criticism and book reviews have been featured in KOLA. His paintings have been exhibited in Canada and North and South America.
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Author:Joyette, Anthony
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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