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A Call for Responsible Disclosure Guidelines for the Information Security Industry.

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HERNDON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 13, 2001

TruSecure Expert Cites Code Red as Just the Latest Example of

Malicious Code Fueled by Full Disclosure Policies

By the time Code Red launched on July 13, a plethora of information was available on the worm, including the type of system it could infect, how quickly the worm would propagate and even the way in which it exploited systems. The public was extremely well informed and could find any detail it wanted to know about what could have possibly become the Internet's most devastating malicious code threat to date. But was this a good thing?

Russ Cooper, surgeon general of TruSecure Corp. (, contends that full disclosure can actually help malicious code propagate and evolve into new strains. By making vulnerability and exploit information public before a software vendor can issue a patch and help customers secure their systems, organizations that practice full disclosure give hackers all the ammunition they need to launch a worm or virus.

Mr. Cooper believes that the industry must develop responsible disclosure guidelines, established with an independent governing body that could develop and enforce such policies. The Responsible Disclosure Forum would advise vendors on the seriousness of threats to their software before making the information public. This would allow vendors and customers ample time to patch the vulnerability and minimize the effectiveness of any exploits launched. The Forum could also serve as an information resource to the media, ensuring an objective opinion on the seriousness of a threat, helping to guarantee responsible and useful reporting.

Media interested in speaking with Mr. Cooper regarding the need for responsible disclosure, please contact Cynthia Smith of TruSecure Corp. at (703) 480-8509 or, or Siobhan Gallagher of Schwartz Communications at (781) 684-0770 or

About the Expert

Mr. Cooper is surgeon general of TruSecure Corp., and founder and moderator of the NTBugtraq Newsletter. NTBugtrag was established in 1997 and has grown to more than 30,000 subscribers. With more than 23 years of experience in the computer industry, he has worked as an independent consultant who specializes in Microsoft Windows NT(R), the Internet and security, with emphasis on securing the environment for Internet usage. He participates regularly with Microsoft in product design review, alpha, beta and service pack testing. Russ was also technical editor for Windows NT 5.0 Security authored by Jeff Schmidt.

About TruSecure Corporation

TruSecure provides global 10,000 companies with comprehensive enterprise risk-management programs that assure the ongoing security of their critical systems and information. By integrating disparate security products and processes into a comprehensive risk management program, TruSecure helps hundreds of companies achieve greater risk reduction at lower cost. TruSecure's ICSA(R) Labs is the security industry's central authority for product standards and testing, and today certifies more than 95% of the market's anti-virus software, network firewalls, cryptography and IPSec products. TruSecure's monthly magazine, Information Security(R), is the industry's leading trade publication. Based in Herndon, Va., TruSecure Corporation is privately-held with investors including J. & W. Seligman & Co., J.P. Morgan Partners, Weston Presidio Capital, Greylock and WaldenVC.

For more information about TruSecure please visit

TruSecure, ICSA, and Information Security are registered trademarks of TruSecure Corporation. All other trademarks and service marks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.
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Date:Aug 13, 2001
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