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They crunch numbers and seal deals during the day but when it is time to party they make people rock

DID YOU ever imagine that you could scratch a CEO and find a rockstar inside? Meet the new generation of rockers who'd be known as suits at their day jobs -- they are the ones with the numbers and the projections that keep offices running and companies dreaming of big bucks. But the moment their work gets over, they tune in to their musical side and turn into musicians who keep the city's night life alive. They had started playing in bands when they were in their teens, but they did not let go even as they chased better degrees and higher salaries.

After years of working the black and white letters, they realised that the world made more sense when these letters danced to the tones from their keyboards, guitars and trumpets. We caught up with two bands -- Groove Wallah's and Wit's End -- and a solo performer, George Koshy, who despite having nine-tofive jobs take time out to tap into their passion for music. Most of them make it a point to catch up once a week for a jam session.

George Koshy was a part of a band named Exodus at St Stephen's in 1998; Nikhilesh Singh of Wit's End was the lead vocalist of All Nuts, also at Stephen's, in 1996. Groove Wallah's has mainly diplomats who started playing for friends and colleagues at the American Embassy and moved on to performing at the various watering holes in the city.

They know they won't be the next big thing, but their love for music and the excitement of playing to a live audience that makes them go back to their instruments.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Jun 4, 2010
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