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A Bug's Summer.

A Bug's Summer

   Grasshoppers are hopping all around,
   While the earthworms prefer to
     stay on the ground.

   Ants are busy at picnics today,
   I'm afraid that they are not
     welcome to stay.

   The bumblebees' buzzing fills
     everyone's ears,

   They are always around at this
     time of the year.

   The beautiful butterflies are
     fluttering by,

   Oh how pretty, my, oh my.
   This doesn't last all year, what
     a bummer,

   Cause a bug's favorite season of
     all is summer!

Lauren Sustar

Concord, North Carolina

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Title Annotation:Page of Poetry
Author:Sustar, Lauren
Publication:Children's Digest
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2009
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