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A Buddha in the b *******.

Byline: By Liam Cairney

IT'S common knowledge that politicians like to put the boot in to rivals when they're down but this one was happy to do it while his opponent was still standing. Former California assembly speaker Herb Wesson kicked Chinese Buddhist monk Zhang Xiao Ju where it hurts when they met in Sacramento.

It hardly seems the ideal way to foster international relations but Wesson had no fear of sparking a diplomatic incident nor divine retribution.

The monk was a martial artist from the renowned Shaolin Monastery in SongShan, the inspiration for 70s TV show KungFu, with David Carradine.

The swift kick was just part of a demonstration of the monk's disciplined, mind-over-matter skills. Well, if he didn't mind, it probably doesn't matter.


UNIMPRESSED: Zhang Xiao Ju is totally unfazed; HARD-LINER: Former assembly speaker Herb Wesson puts the boot in
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 24, 2004
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