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A Bridgegate too far?

Anyone thinking of sending Joe McQuaid an early birthday gift (his B-day is 2/12, BTW) might want to give him a book, namely the newly published "American Governor: Chris Christie's Bridge to Redemption," by Michael Katz.

In it, Katz recounts the NJ guv's noted intemperance with anyone or anything that tried to remind him of the Bridgegate scandal. Including a lovely story about the time CC allegedly demanded that NY guv Andrew Cuomo tell then-Port Authority Executive Patrick Foye "to shut the (expletive) up" during the height of the Bridgegate scandal. Of course, MK spends a lot of time on that darn old George Washington Bridge, with special attention spent on Christie's interesting relationship with the NJ Dem party. Writes MK: "With Christie spending so much time with South Jersey Democrats, Republicans whispered he was neglecting the GOPers who were running uphill campaigns to retake control of the state legislature. Here was a governor who had demanded New Jersey give him a Republican legislature so he could fully implement his reforms, but he didn't appear to be fully committed to making that happen. "In (Democratic powerbroker George) Norcross's southern New Jersey territory, he wasn't campaigning for Republican legislative candidates at all. That's because, a source told me, there was a deal. They called it 'the 195 Deal,' for Route 195, the highway that forms the unofficial border between North and South Jersey."

The terms of the deal, according to MK: "Christie wouldn't campaign for Republican legislative candidates south of Route 195, in Norcross territory. In exchange, Norcross, (Senate President Stephen) Sweeney and the South Jersey Democrats held their fire against him in the gubernatorial race."

The upshot was that, even thought CC won his 2013 re-elect with more than 60 percent of the vote, the Dems still wound up holding on to control of the NJ legislature.

Oh ... and maybe you could send a copy to Grant Bosse too.

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