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A Brand New Night for Murder.

A Brand New Night For Murder

Arthur Burton, III


ISBN 1413750710, $19.95, pp 204

When special agent Fred Soleos of the American Security Organization is assigned to investigate a string of murders in New York City, he finds that the task is even more daunting than he imagined. Upon arrival, he is partnered with Detective Meyers, a bald-headed, tough-talking, hard-nosed cop who is feared by all who know him. As the story unfolds, we learn that Meyers is a bad cop who is a little too close to the criminal element of New York. He is also Soleos's number one suspect. So begins the premise for Arthur Burton's (Savior of the Woods) murder mystery, "A Brand New Night For Murder."

Soleos enlists the assistance of Rick, his fellow agent from Washington D.C., in helping to solve the murders. Rick is a young agent full of energy and wit and has just enough tenacity to compliment Soleos's laid back, experienced approach. When the two of them hit the streets of the Bronx, they do so with vigor and purpose. But can the agents outsmart a cunning and mean-spirited murderer?

Reading "A Brand New Night For Murder" may remind you of watching an extended version of TV's "New York Undercover." Burton paints a descriptive picture of a Bronx city full of prostitution, drug dealing, and indifference. By the time you arrive at the story's mysterious conclusion, it may leave you longing for more closure, or better yet, a sequel.
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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