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 A man asks a man for change with a cup. The man asked for change
goes into a store and buys the man who asked for change a pot. The man
who asked for change with a cup asks the man who bought the pot for
change with the pot. I have no change, he says: I spent all my money on
the pot. The man who asked for change with the pot gives the pot to the
man he asked for change with the pot. Are we married now, the man
 who holds the pot asks the man who gave him the pot. I think we are, he
says. What does that mean? That means you tell me your dreams and I tell
you what I think of your dreams. I dreamt of zeroes last night, each the
open mouth of a well I looked into and saw a man looking into a well.
That was an angel, the man says, surprised that saying a thing makes the
thing sound true. The man hearing the thing is also surprised
that hearing the thing makes the thing sound true. They stand there,
married by the pot and their belief in angels, each grateful for the
voice of the other and afraid he'll be seen for the animal he knows
he is, whose only goal is to be kind to the other animals, but neither
man is seen for the animal he knows he is. What a lovely pot, the man
says to the man. Thank you, the man says. If we just had some water,
life could begin. 

BOB HICOK is the author of seven collections of poetry, the most recent of which is Words for Empty, Words for Full (2010). His work has been selected numerous times for the Best American Poetry series. Hicok teaches creative writing at Virginia Tech.
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Title Annotation:seven poems
Author:Hicok, Bob
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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