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A Bibliography of the Amarna and its Aftermath: The Reigns of Akhenaten, Smenkhare, Tutankhamun and Ay (c. 1350-1321 BC).

Geoffrey Martin has once again, as so often in the past, placed us all in his debt by producing one of those tools we wonder how we did without. Bibliographies of the Amarna Period are not new--one may cite the useful work of Ed Werner, which appeared in NARCE over a decade ago--but there can be no doubt that the present example is the most thorough compilation to date of serious works on the subject. (No one will grieve over the omission of certain authors hovering on or beyond the fringe of scholarship.) The arrangement is alphabetical by author's name and does not treat the period under rubrics of art, religion, political history, etc. To my mind this makes the list much more useful: in Amarna studies one thinks first of authors and their fortes and positions, less of discrete disciplines and themes. Since a good deal of archaeological work going on at present is bound to produce additional evidence on Akhenaten and his immediate successors, the bibliography may enjoy a substantial expansion as we enter the new millennium. But for now, thanks to Geoffrey Martin, the catalogue is complete. DONALD B. REDFORD UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO
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Author:Sack, Ronald H.
Publication:The Journal of the American Oriental Society
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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