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A BRIDE IDEA; DVD gadget saves film of wedding.

Byline: By Lachlan Mackinnon

A BUSINESSMAN saved a couple's precious wedding DVD from ruin.

Harpreet Sihota and husband Sarbjit thought they had lost the footage from their big day when the disc stopped playing.

But as a last resort, they turned to Scott Creighton.

The Glasgow entrepreneur has invested in a state-of-the-art pounds 3000 disk repair machine. And in just five minutes the couple's DVD was playing again.

Harpreet, 23, of Renfrew, said: 'The film was done professionally and it was treasured by the whole family.

'We married in India last March and we only had one copy of the DVD.

'It was watched so much it was damaged through wear and tear and we thought we would have to throw it away.

'I saw the sign advertising the disc repair service and thought I'd give it a go.

'We didn't hold out much hope but were over the moon when it started playing.

'We were certain it was ruined and our memories lost for good.

'We've now made a few copies so we can hold on to them for the rest of our lives.'

The machine removes layers from the disc's reflective surface until scratches are smoothed out.

Computer network engineer Scott, 40, runs his shop in the Savoy Centre, Glasgow.

Hesaid: 'Just about everyone who comes in here say they didn't know it was possible to repair discs.

'When I started up my games firm I used to get a lot of used computer games that were damaged and I wanted to be able to fix them.

'Some of these games and DVDs are very expensive and we can repair them in a matter of minutes.'

Musician Paul Kelly, 38, of Wishaw, Lanarkshire, turned to Scott's Game Exchange when a CD containing his work broke.

Paul, who runs Top Star Cabaret,said: 'It cost about pounds 5000 to record the material on the disc and would have taken ages to do again.

'It was damaged when I was moving house in April and I had no idea it could be fixed.

'I thought it was destroyed and was delighted when the shop managed to get it playing again.'

Scott added: 'I think most people would agree it beats forking out another pounds 15 for a CD or DVD or even pounds 50 for a computer game.'


SMOOTH OPERATORS: Sarbjit and Harpreet were delighted Scott could fix their wedding disc
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 13, 2004
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