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AWAY from the funeral parlour, Baker was something of a big noise.

He played drums in Stiff Upper Lip, a band that belted out covers of big hits by The Beatles, The Stones and Scissor Sisters.

In a 2010 interview with local paper the Cotswold Journal, Baker said: "It's from one extreme to another but everybody has got to have some sort of release.

"I know other funeral directors who play in bands.

"All funeral directors are human.

"It's good for the business because it gives me the chance to meet, chat and get to know people.

"Being in the band allows people to approach you. I don't think it's detrimental to the funeral business.

"A lot of funeral directors do things you would think they would never get involved in."

This week those words seem shamelessly prophetic.

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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Apr 30, 2017
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