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A 2-in-1 celebration.

Jessy Mendiola said last year's Christmas was so far the most memorable because her half-British dad, Roger, paid the family a visit.

'We were finally complete! He arrived in Manila to join me in celebrating my birthday [on Dec. 3] and eventually stayed until Christmas. He is in Bahrain now,' she shared with the Inquirer.

This year, Jessy said she and her family would have 'a traditional Filipino celebration. We will have Noche Buena together. We'll visit the family of Luis (Manzano, TV host and Jessy's boyfriend) first, then I'll stay with mine. It has been like that for three years now.'

Christmas is Vice's fave time of the year

Christmas is Vice Ganda's favorite time of the year-and here's why. 'I get to spend time with my mom and siblings during Christmas,' he explained. 'There were other times when we'd bond, like have dinner, then I'd leave for work; or they'd come over to the house, I'd swim with them in the pool, then sleep immediately after, because I had been up the night before.

'It's only during Christmas when I'd get to be with them for a whole day and, sometimes, for a whole week, until New Year's Day. With the kind of work that I do, it's as if I have to beg for extra time to have that opportunity to be with them.'

Andrea's dream Christmas

'I would love to experience a white Christmas, but I still have to save up for that. I think that may take a while,' said teen actress Andrea Brillantes on her dream Christmas. 'So for now, we will do the usual: My family and I will celebrate Christmas in our home, exchange gifts and eat good food.'

'My wish for 2019 is ... sana tumangkad na ako. Char! But seriously, I'm hoping for more blessings and even better ratings for our show, 'Kadenang Ginto.' I hope it stays on air longer,' she added. 'I also hope to be happier and learn to love myself more.'

Kim Jones and Jericho Rosales

A special tree for Jericho and Kim

Jericho Rosales and his wife Kim Jones, whom he married four years ago, did something that he considers 'significant' last year. 'It was the first time that Kim and I bought a Christmas tree,' the actor told Inquirer Entertainment. 'It's a huge tree-and getting it with Kim is my favorite holiday memory-spending time building and decorating it with just her. She told me, 'I want this tree to be our Christmas tree for a long, long time.

'This year, I hope to get away with Kim to the beach even for a few days; ride the motorcycle with her. [My son] Saint will be abroad with his mom. Our family from Australia will be coming over, and they will be staying in our house.'

Richard loves celebrating baby's 1st Christmas

Actor Richard Gutierrez is looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year with his newborn son, Kai.

'It's his first Christmas,' he beamed. (Richard and actress Sarah Lahbati has another son, 5-year-old Zion.)

'Another favorite memory was celebrating Zion's first Christmas. Everyone in my family was there. This year will be the same-we will have dinner at my dad's house,' the actor told the Inquirer.

'I really prioritize family and then work; anything else is placed at the bottom of my to-do list. Bonding with my kids is important to me. I make sure to always have time for them,' he said. 'For young parents out there, time management and communication with your partner are the two most important things to consider.'
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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Dec 25, 2018
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