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982nd Signal Company (Combat Camera) in action.

(Fort Bliss, Texas) -- During Roving Sands 2005 the 982nd Signal Company (Combat Camera) traveled tirelessly all over Fort Bliss, Texas documenting the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Civilians who have made this Joint Forces Command exercise a success.

2LT Jason Struck and his noncommissioned-officer-in-charge SSG Bronco Suzuki led their team of combat cameramen who consisted of: SSG Thomas Boadway, SGT Isaac Scruggs, SGT Michael Casteel, SPC Edward Settle, PFC Davis Pridgen, and PFC Jason Edwards.

All are graduates of the Defense Information School located at Fort Meade, Md. Some are recent graduates and some are combat veterans. Edwards graduated late last year and Scruggs graduated four and-a-half years ago and is an Operation Enduring Freedom veteran.

Scruggs' OEF tour was with a Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force, and he has several photo credits published on the Army Knowledge On-line homepage and Soldiers magazine in the spring of 2004.

One of his photos was also selected for photo of the month for the DoD Information Service in 2003. "Since graduating from DINFOS in 2000, I have had the honor and pleasure of documenting the Soldiers' and the Army's story to the total Army and the American public."

This is Edwards' first hands-on experience since graduating from DINFOS in September 2004. Edwards explained, "There are only two combat camera units in the total Army, one in the active component, and one in the Army Reserve. I am proud to be a part of this team."

Both Scruggs and Edwards were taught at DINFOS to make contact with the unit they were to document, describe the unit's mission, produce still photos and video vignettes, and then produce an article through post production techniques which is forwarded via the Internet to the Joint Combat Camera Center at the Pentagon for archiving.

Settle spent six months with the JCCC at the Pentagon archiving video products from combat camera teams from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in the field.

Settle said, "I worked with a joint team of officers and other enlisted members at the Pentagon. It was an interesting experience that I will always remember."

2LT Luke Cuddy, team two OIC, and SFC Michael Guillory, team two NCOIC, and their team of five combat cameramen did an excellent job during the second two weeks of the four week Roving Sands exercise at Fort Bliss, Texas.

The five combat cameramen of team two were--SGT Edward Reagan, SGT Matthew Siemion, SGT John Jones, SPC Jesse Artis, and PFC Tierney Nowland. They tirelessly covered operations at Building 730 (GCCC and TNOSC), Building 1093 (HQ, Exercise Roving Sands 2005), McGregor Range, and the Huecho training site.

CPT Clark is a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Infantry Captains Career Course, Adjutant Captains Career Course, CAS3, and the Military History Instructor Course. He was the PAO for the 359th Signal Brigade at Roving Sands 2005 and now works at the 335th Theater Signal Command in Atlanta as a personnel management officer.
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Author:Clark, Tim
Publication:Army Communicator
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Date:Jun 22, 2005
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