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96% of Filipinos welcome 2018 with hope SWS.

MANILA, Philippines About 96 percent of Filipinos will welcome 2018 with hope instead of fear, based on the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released on Friday. The score is considered the highest since the question was first asked by SWS in 2000, surpassing the 95 percent achieved in 2002, 2011 and 2016. In the survey conducted among 1,200 participants from Dec.

8 to 16, only four percent said they would enter the New Year with fear, the lowest recorded score since 2011. After dipping to 89 percent in 2009, the rating recovered to 93 percent in 2010 and stayed in the 90s level ever since. The latest survey showed hopefulness for the new year rising in all socio-economic classes, climbing to 97 percent among classes ABC, 96 percent among Class D and 97 percent among class E.

Results from one-on-one interviews also showed that hope for 2018 is greater among those who expected a "happy" Christmas this year. Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 Hope for the new year among those who looked forward to Christmas rose by two points from 96 percent in 2016 to 98 percent in 2017, while it fell by four points among those who expected a "sad" Christmas from 92 percent to 88 percent.

Of the 46 percent of Filipinos who made resolutions for 2017, 12 percent said most of their New Year's resolutions have been fulfilled. The Senate ended the year with a "very good" satisfaction rating, while other top government institutions obtained "good" marks, the SWS fourth quarter survey showed.

In the same December poll, at least 69 percent of Filipino adults were satisfied and 14 percent dissatisfied with the Senate's performance, yielding a net satisfaction score of +56, which is classified by the SWS as very good. A majority or 59 percent also expressed satisfaction with the work of the House of Representatives while 16 percent were dissatisfied, resulting in a net satisfaction rating of "good" +43. The Supreme Court (SC), on the other hand, received a net satisfaction rating of a good +37, with 54 percent of Filipinos saying they were satisfied with the high court's performance against 17 percent who said otherwise.

As for the Cabinet, 53 percent approved of its performance while 15 percent disapproved, resulting in a net satisfaction score of +38, also classified as good. The Senate's +56 net satisfaction rating rose by one grade from good to very good, up by 10 points from +46 in September.

It rose by one grade from good to very good in Mindanao, at +67 from +44. It also rose by one grade from good to very good in balance Luzon, at +54 from +44. But it stayed very good in the Visayas, at +53 in December, hardly moving from +52 in September. In Metro Manila, it stayed good at +46 or up by three points from +43 in the previous survey.

Improvements in the Senate's net satisfaction rating from September to December occurred in almost all socio-demographics. It rose by one grade in both urban and rural areas, in all classes, among both men and women and at all educational levels.

For the House of Representatives, net satisfaction rating went up nine points but stayed good at +43 in December from only +34 in September. It rose by one grade from moderate to good in balance Luzon at +42 from +28 previously, and went up by one grade from good to very good in Mindanao at +52 from +39 in September.

It also improved by one grade from moderate to good in Metro Manila at +34 from +29. It also stayed good in the Visayas at +41 in December despite dropping by five points from +46 in September. Helen Flores, Jess Diaz, Paolo Romero
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Publication:Philippines Star (Manila, Philippines)
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Date:Dec 29, 2017
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