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94th Casting Congress Preprints.

94th Casting Congress Preprints

The following is a list of the 1990 papers that were available as preprints at the 94th AFS Casting Congress and CastExpo '90 held in Detroit April 21-24. They are still available for purchase by contacting the AFS Library at 708/824-0181 or 800/537-4237.


An Application of Mixed Integer Programming to Schedule the Basic Operations for Making Castings in a Foundry - Part 1 (90-154) R. Lewis, L.G. Yu, The Ohio State Univ, Columbus, OH

Modeling of Porosity Formation in Castings (90-164) H.L. Tsai, I.J. Chiou, Univ of Missouri/Rolla, Rolla, MO

An Efficient and Accurate Numerical Algorithm for Multi-Dimensional Modeling of Casting Solidification - Part I - Control Volume Method (90-132) J.H. Chen, H.L. Tsai, Univ of Missouri/Rolla, Rolla, MO

Comparison of Different Modes of Latent Heat Release for Modeling Casting Solidification (90-133) J.H. Chen, H.L. Tsai, Univ of Missouri/Rolla, Rolla, MO

Modeling the Effectiveness of Chills During Solidification (90-058) H. Huang, J.T. Berry, Univ of Alabama/Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, AL; A. Lodhia, AT&T Labs

A New Fast, Flexible Spectrometer for Highly Accurate Analysis of Major, Minor and Trace Constituents in Complex Casting Alloys (90-025) W.C. Batie, A.E. Bernhard, E.J. Edin, Analyte Corp, Grants Pass, OR

Computer Assisted Production/Quality Management for the Smaller Foundry (90-087) T.Law, Dewtec Systems, Ltd, Birmingham, England


Influence of Solution Parameters and Simplified Supersaturation Treatments on Tensile Properties of A356 Alloy (90-180) S. Shivkumar, B. Steenhoff, D. Apelian, Drexel Univ, Philadelphia, PA

Effects of Solidification Parameters on the Feeding Efficiency of A356 Aluminum Alloy (90-117) E.N. Pan, C.S. Lin, National Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan, China; C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Interactive Effects During Sodium or Strontium Treatment of Antimony Containing A356 Alloy (90-019) W. Wang, J.E. Gruzleski, McGill Univ, Montreal, Quebec

Measurement of the Thermal Conductance at the Mold/Metal Interface of Permanent Molds (90-010) F. Chiesa, Centre de Metallurgie, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Modeling of Microstructure Evolution and Microporosity Formation in Cast Aluminum Alloys (90-178) S. Shivkumar, D. Apelian, J. Zou, Drexel Univ, Philadelphia, PA

Occurring Behavior of Porosity and Feeding Capabilities of Sodium- and Strontium-Modified Al-Si Alloys (90-079) H. Iwahori, K. Yonekura, Y. Yamamoto, M. Nakamura, Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc, Aichi-ken, Japan


A Study of the Relationship of Notch Yield Ration and Fracture Toughness of Structural Aircraft Quality D357 Aluminum Casting Alloy (90-171) A.F. Maloit, Consultant, Pasadena, CA; K.J. Oswalt, Northrop Corp, Hawthorne, CA

Effects of Polymer Degradation on the Quality of Lost Foam Castings (90-181) S. Shivkumar, D. Apelian, L. Wang, Drexel Univ, Philadelphia, PA

Nonequilibrium Crystallization of AlFeSi Compound in Melt-Superheated Al-Si Alloy Castings (90-176) H. Awano, Y. Shimizu, Toyota Central R&D Labs, Aichi-ken, Japan

Evaluation of Acoustic Emission from Sand Cast Aluminum Alloy 319 During Solidification and Formation of Casting Defects (90-136) A.L. Purvis, E. Kannatey-Asibu, R.D. Pehlke, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Clean Metal for Aluminum Foundries - New Technology Using a Rotor Degasser and Filter Pump (90-138) D.V. Neff, P.V. Cooper, Metaullics Systems Div, Solon, OH

Modeling Silicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Foundry Alloys (90-088) A. Saigal, Tufts Univ, Medford, MA

Role of Squeeze-Casting Technique in Achieving Improved Property Performance Levels of Al-Al203-MgO Cast Particulate MMCs (90-096) J. Singh, S.K. Goel, V.N.S. Mathur, M.L. Kapoor, Univ of Roorkee, Roorkee, India

Nondestructive Testing of Aluminum Composite Castings (90-119) D.E. Hammond, Duralcan USA, San Diego, CA


Development of Copper Alloy Composition for Gravity, Low Pressure and High Pressure Die Casting (90-055) R.H. Haupt, Miller & Engelhardt Investing, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Grain Refinement of a Cast Cu-Ni-Sn Spinodal Alloy (90-097) M. Sahoo, M. Wirth, Canmet/MTL, Ottawa, Ontario

Some Experiments on Castability and Gating in the Permanent Mold Casting of Copper-Base Alloys (90-069) K.G. Davis, J.G. Magny, Canmet/PMRL, Ottawa, Ontario

The Effects of Shotblasting on the Ductility of Red Brass (90-183) E.P. Bloomfield, Kohler Co, Kohler, WI


Proper Reblending Techniques for Foundry Sand Systems and Their Effect on Nobake Binder Properties (90-029) D.F. Hoyt, Wedron Silica Co, Wedron, IL; A. Otte, Ashland Chemical Co, Dublin, OH; W.D. Scott, ESCO Corp, Portland, OR

Hot Distortion of Cold Box Systems (90-070) G. Fountaine, K.B. Horton, Ashland Chemical Co, Dublin, OH

Chromite Double Skin Defect on Heavy Steel Castings (90-028) J.D. Howden, Volclay, Ltd, Merseyside, England

Determination of Gage R&R on Various Methylene Blue Test Procedures (90-007) V.S. LaFay, S.L. Neltner, Hill & Griffith Co, Cincinnati, OH

Cold Box Core Dilution in Green Sand - An Analysis of Effects on Casting Quality (90-050) L.J. Pedicini, M.B. Krysiak, George Fischer Foundry Systems, Inc, Holly, MI

Clay Activation and Moisture in Green Sand Systems (90-032) R.A. Green, Applied Industrial Materials Corp, Deerfield, IL; R.W. Heine, Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

A Critical Literature Review of Theories for the Formation of Casting Metal Penetration Defects (90-083) P. Delannoy, D.M. Stefanescu, T.S. Piwonka, Univ of Alabama/Tuscaloosa, AL

Synergistic Reactions of Various Bentonite Clay Types and Their Foundry Molding Sand Performance in the Presence of a Flowability Enhancer (90-024) D. Hentz, E. Olson, American Colloid Company, Belle Fourche, SD

Understanding Green Strength and Compactibility in Green Sand Systems (90-031) R.W. Heine, Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI; R.A. Green, Applied Industrial Materials Corp, Deerfield, IL; T.S. Shih, National Central Univ, Chung-Li, Taiwan, China

Reduction in Sand Related Scrap Through Effective Sand Cooling (90-033) M.J. Aklinski, National Engineering Co, Chicago, IL; M.J. Granlund, Foundry Systems Control, Winfield, IL

Mold/Metal Gap Formation of Aluminum Alloy 356 Cylinders Cast Horizontally in Dry and Green Sand (90-003) M.C. Lukens, R.D. Pehlke, T.X. Hou, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Effects of Sand and Carbon Fiber Additions on Plaster Mold and Casting Properties (90-095) J.W. Davis, J.R. Brevick, Pennsylvania State Univ, University Park, PA


Statistical Modeling for the Prediction of Shrinkage in Ductile Iron Castings (90-071) C. Fung, P. Bartelt, F. Bradley, R.W. Heine, Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Methods for Ensuring Sound SG Iron Castings (90-001) A. Louvo, P. Kalavainen, VTT Metallurgy Laboratory, Espoo, Finland; J.T. Berry, D.M. Stefanescu, Univ of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Heat Transfer-Solidification Kinetics Modeling of Structural Transitions: Chill Formation in Gray Iron (90-156) K.G. Upadhya, D.M. Stefanescu, J.L. Hill, D.K. Banerjee, Univ of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Grindability of White Cast Iron with Coated Abrasive Belts (90-081) F.D. Brown, J.G. Gagliardi, G.R. Abrahamson, E.J. Duwell, 3M Co, St. Paul, MN

Refractory Cloth Filtration of Ductile Iron and the Mechanism of Inclusion Trapping (90-118) J.R. Hitchings, Amenex Assn, Inc, West Chester, PA; S. Clark, R.H. Sheppard, Hanover, PA

Grid Method of Cast Iron Selection for Designed Applications (90-124) J.F. Janowak, Grede Foundries, Inc, Milwaukee, WI

Applying Delta T Measurements to Gray Iron Inoculation (90-100) J.R. Brevick, J.W. Davis, Pennsylvania State Univ, University Park, PA

The Role of Antimony in Heavy Section Ductile Iron (90-163) B.C. Liu, T.X. Li, Z.J. Rui, Tsinghua Univ, Beijing, China; X.Y. Yang, E.Q. Huo, First Heavy Machinery Plant, Qiqihar, China; C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Formation Mechanism of Chunky Graphite in Heavy Section Ductile Cast Irons (90-042) H. Itofuji, H. Uchikawa, UBE Steel Co, Ltd, UBE City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Production and Evaluation of Heavy Section Ductile Cast Iron (90-043) H. Itofuji, H. Yamada, K. Kawamura, N. Hashimoto, UBE Steel Co, Ltd, UBE City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan


Isothermal Transformation Diagrams in a Heavy Section High Alloy Ductile Cast Iron (90-126) D.J. Moore, K.B. Rundman, G.P. Faubert, E.D. McCarty, D.J. Ellerbrook, Michigan Technological Univ, Houghton, MI

Influence of Austempering Temperature on the Mechanical Properties of a Cu-Ni Austempered Ductile Iron (90-160) M. Grech, Univ of Malta, Tal-Qrogg, Misda, Malta; J.M. Young, Univ of Birmingham, Birmingham, U.K.

A Microstructural Determination of Isothermal Transformation Diagrams in a Low Alloy Ductile Iron (90-125) K.B. Rundman, K.L. Hayrynen, D.J. Moore, B.S. Shugart, Michigan Technological Univ, Houghton, MI

A Study of the Austempering of a Ni-Cu Alloyed Ductile Iron (90-142) T.S. Shih, P.Y. Lin, C.H. Chang, National Central Univ, Chung-Li, Taiwan, China; C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Fatigue Strength of Commercial Ductile Irons (90-123) D. Venugopalan, Univ of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; A. Alagarsamy, J.F. Janowak, Grede Foundries, Inc, Milwaukee, WI

Effects of Alloy Additions on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Commercial Ductile Iron (90-122) D. Venugopalan, Univ of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI; A. Alagarsamy, Grede Foundries, Inc, Milwaukee, WI

Prediction of Matrix Microstructure in Ductile Iron (90-121) D. Venugopalan, Univ of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Crack Initiation and Propagation in Gray and Compacted Graphite (CG) Cast Irons (90-091) R.C. Voigt, Univ of Kansas, Lawrence, KS; S.D. Holmgren, Honeywell, Inc, New Brighton, MN

Study of the Solid-Liquid Interface During Unidirectional Solidification of Cast Iron (90-112) Y.X. Li, B.C. Liu, Tsinghua Univ, Beijing, China; C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Low Thermal Expansion Cast Irons with Various Graphite Shapes and the Thermal Deformation Characteristics (90-027) T. Noguchi, T. Muroga, K. Minoya, Hokkaido Univ, Sapporo, Japan; H. Nayuki, Hokkaido Ind. Research Institute, Sapporo, Japan

Solid State Graphite Formation in Ductile Iron (90-143) A. Javaid, C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI

Morphology of Kish Graphite (90-111) S. Liu, C.R. Loper, Jr., Univ of Wisconsin/Madison, Madison, WI


Ductility Improvement BeCu C82500 Casting Alloy (90-041) A. Torok, T. Walsh, Sr., Arwood Corp, Tilton, NH; C. Hershberger, Y.V. Murty, NGK Metals Corp, Reading, PA

Thin Walled Castings by the CLV Process (90-082) D. Cargill, Hitchiner Mfg Co, Inc, Milford, NH; D. Chandley, Metal Casting Technology, Milford, NH

Strontium Modification of Aluminum Investment Casting Alloys (90-090) B. Closset, Timminco Metals, Toronto, Ontario; D. Fay, UniCastDiv/Strum, Ruger & Co, Inc, Londonberry, NH

Solidification Modeling of Single-Crystal Investment Castings (90-053) K.-O. Yu, M. Robinson, PCC Airfoils, Inc, Beachwood, OH; M.J. Beffel, PCC Airfoils, Inc, Douglas, GA; D.D. Goettsch, B.G. Thomas, Univ of Illinois, Champaign, IL: D. Pinnella, Structural Research Dynamics Corp, Milford, OH; R.G. Carlson, GE Aircraft Engines Co, Cincinnati, OH


From Conventional to CNC Pattern Build CAD-CAM Start Up (90-173) G. Witcombe, John Deere, Waterloo, IA

Use of a CMM Throughout the Making of Pattern Tooling (90-046) J.L. Binzak, Wisconsin Pattern Co, Racine, WI

Material Wear Resistance Quantification (90-048) J.E. Hoge, CIBA-GEIGY FSG, E. Lansing, MI; R. Eadara, CIBA-GEIGY FSG, Madison Heights, MI


The Benefits of Plasma on A Cupola Furnace (90-152) G. Crouzillat, Aerospatiale Produits Nouveaux, Les Mureaux, France

Estimating Cupola and Induction Melting Costs Using a Computer Model (90-054) G.A. Walzer, Center for Materials Production, Pittsburgh, PA; J. Rotella, Hatch Associates, Buffalo, NY

Ladle and Tundish Sprayed Refractory Lining Advantages (90-012) A.W. Powdrell, D. Helliwell, Harbison-Walker Refractories, Pittsburgh, PA

Investigation into Secondary Metallurgical Process for Small Heats (90-105) F. Wagener, Technometal GmbH, Duisburg, West Germany; N.G. Bliss, Milltech HOH, Inc, Davenport, IA


Induction Ladle Metallurgy for the Steel Foundry (90-130) R.U. Swaney, N.P. Cignetti, Inductosteel, Pittsburgh, PA

Plasma Refining for Steel Foundries (90-026) J.M. Svoboda, Process Metallurgy International, Inc, Arlington Heights, IL

Intercritical Normalize Treatment of a Low Carbon-Mn-Re Cast Steel (90-147) H. Ding, H.X. Chen, Shenyang Univ of Technology, Shenyang, China

Selecting the Best Grinding Wheel for Steel Castings (90-056) A.R. Hubbard, J.C. Buehler, Rockwell International, Atchison, KS

Variation of Inclusions in Cast Steel with Mold Types and Its Effects on Properties (90-107) T.S. Shih, J.Y. Wang, National Central Univ, Chung-Li, Taiwan, China

Advanced Reticulated Ceramic Metal Filters and Performance Results from Select Steel Foundries (90-131) J. Morris, Hi-Tech Ceramics, Inc, Alfred, NY; S. Sahu, Waukesha Foundry, Inc, Waukesha, WI; U.S. Sievers, Rath Deutschland GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany

Computer Controlled Melting Procedure for Steel Castings (90-035) H. Ableidinger, Engineering Ableidinger & Co, Kilchberg, Switzerland

A Knowledge Representation for Diagnosing Defects in Steel Castings (90-101) H.M. Roshan, P. Jain, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India

Practical Uses for Special Design Exothermic Mini Risers (90-057) C.C. Noll, J.D. Kautz, Rockwell International, Atchison, KS

Feeding Distance in Steel - A Second Look (90-038) N. Wukovich, Foseco, Inc, Cleveland, OH

Gating of Steel Castings - The Foundryman's Dilemma: Lessons from Tundish Flows (90-109) T.S. Piwonka, N.H. El-Kaddah, Univ of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

The Benefits of Solidification Simulation for Steel Castings (90-080) C.F. Corbett, Micromet, Ltd, West Bromwich, England; M. Picard, Acieries DuHaut Langucdoc, Ales, France


Treatment of EP-Toxic Foundry Wastes - Regulatory and Technical Overview (90-067) T.P. Kunes, P.D. Turpin, R.R. Stanforth, RMT, Inc, Madison, WI


Evaporative Pattern Casting Factors Affecting Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Pattern Shrinkage (90-116) E.H. Niemann, G.B. Kelly, ARCO Chemical Co, Newtown Square, PA

PMMA Molded Foams for Use in the Ferrous EPC Process (90-145) J.W. Brenner, Dow Chemical U.S.A., Granville, OH; P.S. Frederick, N.G. Moll, Dow Chemical U.S.A., Midland, MI

A Suppliers Overview of Lost Foam Refractory Coatings (90-021) O.A. Martinez, Thiem/Arco/Leeco, Toledo, OH

Lost Foam Methoding: From Concept to Component (90-092) N.K. Graham, Foseco International, Ltd, Birmingham, England; T.R. Webster, Foseco Morval Technology, Birmingham, England

Sand Vibration for the Lost Foam Process (90-093) E.L. Wegscheid, Deere & Co Technical Center, Moline, IL

The Prospects for Lost Foam in 1995 (90-115) J.A. Troxler, Jr., Robinson Foundry, Alexander City, AL

Production of Aluminum Alloy Castings Using Evaporative Pattern and Vacuum Techniques (90-030) J.L. Dion, J.R. Emmett, M. Sahoo, Canmet/MTL, Ottawa, Ontario; R.D. Warda, R.K. Buhr, Energy, Mines & Resources-Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
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Title Annotation:1990 American Foundrymen's Society Casting Congress and CastExpo '90
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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