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900, 976 are bargain in California.

900,976 Are Bargain In California To encourage business to get into the audiotex market, Pacific Bell drastically reduced its California 900 and 976 rates.

What used to cost $20,000--a 900 program in all 10 of Pac Bell's California LATAs--now costs $1000. The telco dropped the price from $2000 per LATA to a flat $1000 regardless of the number of LATAs.

Pac Bell also cut prices for establishing 976 programs by over 75%, reduced rates for making 900 or 976 program price changes, and lowered fees for access line installation and program pricing.

Other business-promoting changes include reducing the program access line minimum from six lines to two, to encourage providers to reach smaller markets.

"Customers told us that the area-specific fee structure limits 900 and 976 programs to the most populous areas, like San Francisco and Los Angeles," says Pac Bell product manager John Schweizer.

In other telco developments:

* Southwestern Bell Telephone large-business customers can access directory assistance database in St. Louis by Terminal or PC, for listings from every area code except for customer's own. Setup fee is $4152, charges are levied per screenful of data.

* Southern New England Telephone (SNET) got OK in Connecticut to offer Premium WATS and Premium 800 Service to large business customers for in-state calling. SNET is also seeking first rate hike in eight years, proposing 15-20% hike in basic business and residential rates.

* GTE is running market test in Elizabethtown, Ky., of advanced Class (Custom Local Area Signaling Services) services, including automatic number ID. GTE has asked Kentucky regulators for general CLASS subscription offering.

* New England Telephone is outfitting its new corporate headquarters, under construction in Boston, with ISDN. 1.5-million-square-foot complex, with tenants besides NET, will be served by on-premises ISDN switch.

* Large users in New York, Boston are trying out Nynex Network Services Manager, software-based network management tool. It lets user do on-line trouble reporting, perform line testing, obtain traffic reports, and have log-on access to Centrex Customer Rearragement System.
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Title Annotation:business telecommunications
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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