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8th Conference on Good Regulatory Practice.

Project Status : Project in Implementation

Fund Account : Operational Account

Project Session : Session 2

APEC Funding : 102,366

Co-funding Amount : 9,260

Total Project Value : 111,626

Sponsoring Forum : Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)

Topics : Conformance; Standards

Committee : Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)

Proposing Economy(ies) : Philippines

Co-Sponsoring Economies : Australia; Malaysia; United States; Viet Nam

Project Summary : The objective of the project is to further reinforce and strengthen understanding of the elements of good regulatory practices (GRP) and the specific actions that economies have or are taking to implement actions identified by APEC Leaders in 2013.

The project will advance good regulatory practices that are being implemented by APEC Member Economies and share experiences on the optional tools identified in implementing GRP such as 1) single online locations for regulatory information; 2) prospective regulatory planning; and 3) periodic reviews of existing regulation, particularly looking at how these tools reinforce the three (3) GRPs identified in 2011. It builds on the GRP work in the Committee on Trade and Investment, the Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance and the Economic Committee.

The project is targeted to be implemented through a two (2) day conference during the SCSC 2 meeting in the margins of SOM 3 at Cebu City, Philippines.

Objectives : a) To increase regulator knowledge and awareness of the importance and benefit of good regulatory practice in developing a policy or regulation with particular attention on the implementation of public consultations with stakeholders using the optional tools.

b) To share experiences among the participants on the implementation of good regulatory practices by using tools that include:

A[cedilla] single online locations for regulatory information;

A[cedilla] prospective regulatory planning;

A[cedilla] periodic reviews of existing regulation

c) To develop an action plan to implement the recommendations made during the 7th GRP particularly on engage in capacity building and education efforts with regulators, government officials, and industry at multiple levels to build support and understanding of GRP. These efforts should include education on trade competitiveness and stakeholder benefits to good regulatory practice and should, where possible and appropriate, include efforts with other APEC Member Economies.

d) To provide information on the status of the baseline study on the implementation of GRP by member economies. The baseline survey is a self-funded project of USA which started in 2011. The baseline report will be updated in SOM 3 2015 to assess the progress made since 2013.

Project completion date : 2015-11-30 12:00:00


Address : 3/F Trade and Industry Building,

361 Sen Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City,


Country :Philippines

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Financier : Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC),

Financier address : Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

35 Heng Mui Keng Terrace

Singapore 119616

Tel : (65) 68 919 600

Fax: (65) 68 919 690

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Date:Apr 4, 2015
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