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842nd Transportation Battalion.


Mission and Area of Responsibility

The 842nd Transportation Battalion is a deployable, strategic transportation battalion comprised of military personnel and Army civilians that conduct surface deployment and distribution operations in the Gulf Coast area of the United States from Brownsville, Texas, to Pensacola, Fla. 842nd is the seaport operator and manager for the busiest military ports in CONUS, the Ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Corpus Christi, Texas. The ports have a surge capability of moving up to three BCT's simultaneously in support of deployment, redeployment and sustainment operations.

Commander's Vision

"Our Army and Nation are in the long war against radical Islamic extremism. Especially in view of these demanding times, TEAM BEAUMONT will be a world-class deployment and distribution process supporter to the Warfighter that not only 'owns the edge' in composite risk management, but is a team player that is deployable CONUS-wide. We will travel far and wide to include the customer up front in the deployment process."


Features of the 842nd

Our mission begins with outreach to the Warfighter; the best example of which is the SDDC Task Force concept. The SDDC Task Force is an ad-hoc organization which can be quickly task-oriented to command and control the integrated effort of providing End-to-End deployment or redeployment support to a major combat force. The Mission of this organization is to serve as SDDC's executive agent for port and distribution operations, representative to the action officers and command group of the customer unit, conduit to SDDC's G-3, G-7, and liaison to non-SDDC agencies supporting the deployment and re-deployment.

The Distribution and Deployment Support Team augments our "customer first" philosophy. Each mission, whether deploying a division or redeployment of Army Materiel Command retrograde, is assigned a DDST. These "ad hoc" teams are empowered to take all actions necessary to move the customer's cargo. Often, the team chief will be a junior civilian or a sergeant first class, supervising the efforts of more senior personnel. The DDST chief serves as the primary point of contact for the customer on all matters relating to the mission. This "one stop shopping" has been very well received by our customers as it eliminates much of the guesswork in preparing and executing unit movements through our ports.

Since May 2007, Lt. Col. Marshall N. Ramsey has commanded the 842nd Transportation Battalion. Sgt. Maj. Randy Manns is the battalion sergeant major.

Recent Missions and Accomplishments

In fiscal year 2008, 842nd moved more than 40 percent of CONUS cargo in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The battalion provides "fort to port and back" distribution operations support via road and rail from and to seven power projection platforms west of the Mississippi River (Forts Bliss, Carson, Hood, McCoy, Polk, Riley and Sill).
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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