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837th Transportation Battalion.


Mission and Area of Responsibility

The mission of the 837th Transportation Battalion is to safely and efficiently deploy and conduct surface deployment, distribution and water terminal port operations, both within the Republic of Korea and worldwide as required during peacetime and wartime, to directly support and sustain the warfighter.

The 837th is a forward-deployed U.S. Transportation Command enabler operating under armistice conditions and is designated as both the single port manager and port operator for all common-user seaports within the ROK.

Pier 8, located in Busan, Korea, is the battalion's primary seaport, but it routinely conducts operations out of other ports such as Pohang, Chinhae, Mokpo and Gwangyang. The 837th's primary war-fighting customer is the 2nd Infantry Division.

Commander's Vision

The 837th is a diverse Team of global surface transportation experts that are committed, dependable, and relentless in providing world-class deployment and distribution support both within the ROK and worldwide as required.

Features of the 837th

The 837th is a forward-deployed unit operating under armistice conditions in Korea and move 95 percent of all United States Forces Korea cargo. As a result of theater transformation and the closing of Camp Hialeah, in 2006 the battalion's headquarters moved to Camp Henry, located in Daegu, while the majority of the workforce remained at Pier 8 in Busan.


The staff includes a total workforce comprised of active duty and reserve component soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, and Korean national employees. The battalion relies heavily on its local-national teammates who serve as the continuity of the organization.

Recent Missions and Accomplishments

AMC Retrograde Operations: Number of vessels: 70. Number of pieces: 1,583 (432 trailers, 996 wheeled-vehicles, 150 track vehicles, 2 containers & 3 GENNOS).

Chinhae Ammunition Operations: Number of vessels: 9 (2 commercial, 7 U.S. Navy ships). Number of containers/pallets: 4,243 (1,788 import and 2,455 export).

Theater Equipment Fielding Operations: Number of vessels: 13. Pieces: 1,160 vehicles (594 up-armored HMMWVs & 566 wheeled vehicles)


Army & Air Force Exchange Service/Defense Commissary Agency Sustainment Operations: Number of vessels: 155. Containers: 5,091 (3,001 AAFES, 2,090 DECA & 4,636 Army, Air Force, Navy & others.)
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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