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8 favorite apps for business owners.

Since 2008, the number of apps available in the Mac App Store skyrocketed from a mere 800 to 900,000 today. With nearly a million apps available for download, it can be difficult to differentiate the good from the bad.

According to Upstart Business Journal, the top eight apps for business owners are reasonably priced, user-friendly and allow businesses to stay organized and run effectively:

(1) Dropbox: This free cloud storage app permits users to access files from any device at any time and allows employees to share documents and other files.

(2) Square: For a flat monthly fee or a percentage of each swipe, Square turns any smartphone into a mobile credit card processor.

(3) Addappt: A free app that integrates address books from multiple devices and continuously updates contact information.

(4) Neverlate: A free app that notifies users of upcoming appointments and even tells users when to leave to arrive on time, based on current traffic reports.

(5) Expensify: This app assists users in documenting expenses by tracking gas mileage, scanning receipts and syncing the information with a user's bank account and credit card.

(6) Asana: Functioning as a shared to-do list for a company, Asana allows group members to monitor work as it is assigned or completed. The app can even subdivide and prioritize tasks depending on the day, month or year.

(7) Bump: Allows users to exchange contact information by touching two smartphones together.

(8) Evernote: With the ability to sync notes, lists and reminders across various devices, Evernote can assist users in organization.

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Title Annotation:Industry IQ
Publication:American Agent & Broker
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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