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7of the best... JULIANNE MOORE FILMS.

1THE FUGITIVE (1993) AN early role in the Harrison Ford thriller which sees Julianne playing a doctor who scuppers surgeon Richard Kimble's escape plans, led to Julianne catching the attention of director Steven Spielberg. He later cast her in the 1993 Jurassic Park sequel The Lost World without an audition. She later said of acting with dinosaurs: "I enjoyed myself tremendously."

2 BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) JULIANNE received Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for her role as big-hearted porn star Amber Waves. She later said: "The script is primarily about love and loss and human connection." Amber's custodial problems were inspired by real-life porn star Veronica Hart. The latter appeared in Boogie Nights playing a judge in the court scene which sees Amber fight for the right to see her son.

3 HANNIBAL (2001) JODIE FOSTER turned down the chance to return to her Oscarwinning role from Silence Of The Lambs, so Julianne stepped in to play FBI Agent Clarice Starling in director Ridley Scott's sequel. Her co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins, who played her cannibal nemesis, recommended her for the role. They had previously worked together on the 1996 film Surviving Picasso.

4 EVOLUTION (2001) IT was close encounters of the comedy kind as she played it for laughs as an accident-prone scientist opposite David Duchovny's college professor in this movie about alien life crashing to Earth on a meteor... and evolving with frightening speed. "Within two months, the United States will officially belong to them and we are extinct," she warns.

5 THE HOURS (2002) SHE joined forces with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman for this powerful drama about the impact of writer Virginia Woolf's novel Mrs Dalloway on three generations of women. Julianne filmed her part of the movie first and received 18 award nominations for her portrayal of Laura Brown.

With the for Still 6 STILL ALICE (2014) THE star won the Best Actress Oscar for her moving portrayal of a professor, Dr Alice Howland, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. "Live in the moment, I tell myself," says Alice. "It's really all I can do, live in the moment and not beat myself up too much... and not beat myself up too much for mastering the art of losing."

Oscar Alice 7 THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY (2014) THIS was the the first of two Hunger Games movie outings for Julianne playing rebellion President Alma Coin from District 13 on Panem. She wore a grey wig and contact lenses for the role and said her two children persuaded her to appear in the movies because they were both big fans of the bestselling Hunger Games books.


Julianne as Clarice Starling with Sir Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal

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Date:Jun 20, 2019
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