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7of the best films about birds.

1 THE BIRDS (1963) ALFRED Hitchcock classic about a small American town plagued by birds who seem intent on killing the local population. Cinema-goers at the London premiere were faced with the sound of screeching birds from hidden loudspeakers in the trees as they left the film.

2 KES (1969) BRITISH film from director Ken Loach about a young working class lad who secretly begins training a kestrel falcon.

3 CHICKEN RUN (2000) BIG movie outing from the creators of Wallace and Gromit about chickens determined to fly the roost and escape their menancing owners who want to turn them into pie fillings. Mel Gibson is the voice of flamboyant rooster Rocky 4 RARE BIRDS (2001) WILLIAM Hurt stars as a struggling restaurant owner who reports a false sighting of a rare bird in a bid to attract visitors to the area, but his plan attracts some sinister characters as well as twitchers.

5 HAPPY FEET (2006) TAP-DANCING penguin Mumble, voiced by Elijah Wood, is an outcast among his colony because he cannot sing, but his moves on the ice could end up saving them all.

6 MR POPPER'S PENGUINS (2011) JIM Carrey plays a driven businessman who suddenly inherits six penguins and has to turn his city apartment into a frosty haven for them.

7RIO (2013) MACAU Blu is the star of this animated family movie as the winged pet finds himself in the jungle with the adventurous Jewel by his side.

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