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It must be hard for boys being continually bombarded with adverts for male grooming products.

Even the gyms, which used to be packed with sweating, vested hairy ape types (OK, aside from the sweat banded short-short lads of the 80s), have now become stomping grounds for perfectly groomed pretty boys.

Swimming pools offer even less sanctuary with boys rivalling girls in the shimmering body oil department on a mission for that golden glow.

So it's not surprising that males have begun to think us girls love a man who looks like the flesh and blood equivalent of Barbie's other half Ken.

We're not saying boys shouldn't pay a little attention to the way they look. Of course showering, spraying, a little moisturising cream and an appetite for exercise is required to help anyone look good.

But when you can't get any space at the mirror for your other half checking if his facial managed to eradicate a breakout or that the V-neck that reaches his bellybutton shows enough of his waxed chest, you know it's getting a little out of hand.

She may be a bad example, what with being married to one of the hottest men in the world, but Victoria Beckham recently admitted to liking it when her husband looks less than perfect.

The former Spice Girls singer, turned fashion designer, felt relieved when she caught a glimpse of her football star spouse David looking rough just after he woke up.

Although we don't believe her, she told the new issue of Britain's Vogue magazine: "The other morning I looked across at David just after he'd woken up and thought you look really bad.

Thank God, because this is a man who always looked so perfect." And Posh isn't the only one who appreciates the less groomed look.

They're not advocating going without a bath or letting that back hair, which sprouts out of the top of T shirts get out of hand, but it seems the women of the UAE aren't fans of the perfectly preened look.

Niki Singh says pretty boys aren't her type but if the conversation and humour made up for the lack of shirt buttons and over-gelled locks she'd be inclined to change her mind.

"I am with Posh on this rare occasion because I like a bit of rough.

A man who preens is not someone I would initially be attracted to but at the end of the day, it's personality that counts," she says. And Cath Devane says continually searching for pretty boys has left her peers on the shelf.

"I have many friends my age (36) who are still single and panicking because their biological clocks are ticking. The one thing these girls share is that they'll only date very good looking men even though they aren't perfect themselves!" she explains.

"It's better to value the person as a whole than to be fixated on looks."

Quick to defend boys who do look after their looks, Sarah Hastings says just like women, men should be allowed to have a beauty regime without being ridiculed.

She explains: "I like my man reasonably rough and ready - but I think it needs to look like he's not made any effort when indeed he has, if that makes sense!

"He has to look after himself - just not overly so - a bit of moisturiser here and there is fine. I'd never say anything like 'that's women's stuff' - that attitude is really stupid. "It's a fine line though, it would really put me off if there was too much preening and prancing in front of the mirror!"

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