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7Stacks 1.5b1 [Download of the Day].

India, Sept. 20 -- Organisation of your currently open applications can be a bother, and just like tabs, you'd want to group relevant ones together, while still being able to use them easily. Finding and opening oft used documents, files and programs is a pain too, with everything too many clicks away, and the constant tendency for overpopulating your desktop with shortcuts and icons. Windows 7 really made things easier, with its rather well-made SuperBar taskbar that handles everything from combining/grouping applications to pinning files, folders and applications; and even listing the recently used files of a pinned application.

To give Windows XP due, it too allowed for the group-similar-taskbar-buttons feature (but only when full), gave you a solid QuickLaunch toolbar, and even let you create toolbars from folders that let you browse their entire contents right on the Taskbar.

7Stacks works Windows 7, Vista, and XP operating systems, and you're probably wondering what exactly 7Stacks does exactly, if all these functions are already accessible to modern Windows users? For Windows 7 users, the answer is not too much that's required, unless you are really, really organized, or, like the stacks concept a lot.

Everything begins with creating your first stack, selecting a folder or location that will correspond to it, for Windows 7 or XP users. The stack will be outputted in the form of a shortcut, that you then pin to your taskbar (in case of 7) or to your QuickLaunch toolbar (in XP). Windows 7 also lets you create a new stack simply by right-clicking any stack, and selecting the option.

Create a stack



If you create a menu type stack, the shortcut created that can be accessed from the taskbar, desktop or any other folder, and will act like a cascading menu of items, with icons and names. Sub-folders will expand when rolled over by the mouse.

Menu stack

Other types of stacks are solely for the taskbar, and can be with or without text, or, arrange their contents in a vertical or grid fashion. Further customization allows you to change the size of the content icons, vary the font size of their names, assign icons to folders, and even gives you the choice of image thumbnails, animate when opening, and more. The apart from this neat customization ability, the other one up 7Stacks has over Windows 7's SuperBar provisions it that it allows for multiple stacks on the taskbar, up to 10 in fact. It will auto-combine windows from a single application suite.

Win 7 stack jumplist options

More options - XP

XP QuickLaunch stack example

You can download 7Stacks 1.5 beta 1 from here, and do also check out our other featured Download of the Day software here.

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Date:Sep 20, 2010
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