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7DAYS meets radio DJ,CeKris Fade on the set of his new music video.

7DAYS meets radio DJCeKris Fade on the set of his new music video

His song 'I'm Famous' is a bit like Justin Bieber, admits Kris Fade.

You either love it or hate it, says the man whose Aussie accent wakes a good percentage of the UAECeup as the morning presenter on Virgin Radio Dubai. And if you're one of 'The Kris Fade Show' listeners, then you've probably heard 'that' tune.

Bieber (below, pictured with Fade) gets a mention in the song -- "I'm so famous, can't you see, I got my collar popped like Justin B."

But Biebs isn't the only act to get a plug, as lyrics include: "I've got this infection it's called 1D" and "oh my god, it's Miss Gaga, make up on with a big man bra," -- along with a name check on a host of other celebs.

Fade was told by Virgin Radio that he if got more than 10,000 views of the track on YouTube the station would stick some dirhams towards getting a music video made. With figures of 14,000 views and counting, on Thursday night about 200 listeners headed to Dubai nightspot Cirque Le Soir for the chance to be in Fade's video, alongside other Virgin presenters, including morning sidekicks Priti Malik and funnyman Big Rossi.

Delighted dad George, who flew in especially from Sydney for the music video -- the family are Lebanese-Australian -- is so proud of his 33-year-old boy he laughingly declines to divulge even one embarrassing fact about him. Apart from that Fade is a proper mummy's boy. Fan Adam Atallah, 13, says "the lyrics are great"Ceand the song's "really catchy". Fade admits it's not all sweet music though.

"This song makes my ears bleed,"Ceis just one of the messages Fade received from punters not quite as enamoured with the two-minute tune. But he very much takes the 'make them laugh, make them cry' approach to it.

"It means people are listening," he says. "And listen, in this business you can't take yourself too seriously."

Kris Fade and Justin Bieber

Fade claims that about 20 people a day stop him for selfies or a chat when he's out and about. Is Fade one of the most famous men in the UAE?

"I'm not answering that!" he laughs. "That's not a question for me to answer."

But, he adds, he's been at the Champs Elysees in Paris at 11pm and been asked for a pic from a fan. Add Turkey, Lebanon and Oz to the list too.

"Dubai's an international hub," he says. "I've met people abroad who've left but still listen to the show."

With the video to be released after Ramadan, there's now interest from labels to turn 'I'm Famous' into an actual record, Fade says. Which would take him a little step closer to being like David Guetta, the artist Fade says he'd choose to be if he had to pick one. Guetta, of course, has an entire series of albums -- as well as a night in Ibiza -- including the words 'I'm Famous' in the title.

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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Date:Jun 28, 2014
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