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75 years ago in the pages of Books Abroad / World Literature Today.

"I have been a writer for fifteen years and l am already tired of my profession Besides, I have never earned a cent with my pen. The only thing I have gotten from it is the admiration of a few ladies. When I was a boy I used to enjoy wearing a wide-brimmed felt hat and affecting a lazy swing in my gait. I also liked to read a poem to a colleague, but he would always revenge himself by reading one of his own to me. Now that I no longer wear short pants I am indifferent to flattery or denigration.... So what are we to do? Very simple Be a writer if you have nothing else to do, and then get a job in Congress, with a newspaper, or go to an asylum."

--A. Torres Rioseco, "On Being a Spanish American Writer," Books Abroad 8:2 (April 1934), 240-41
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Author:Rioseco, A. Torres
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Quotation
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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