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73-yr-old Nigerian nanny gets 15-yr jail term for force-feeding baby to death.

A 73-year-old Nigerian nanny, Oluremi Adeleye, convicted of murder in the U.S. for force-feeding a baby milk, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

According to Washington Post, the septuagenarian was found guilty of child abuse and second-degree murder by Prince George's County Circuit Court, Judge Karen Mason.

'While I don't find the defendant is an evil-intentioned baby slayer, I also don't find her actions were accidental.' Mason said before handing down the sentence.

Prince George's County prosecutors argued that the nanny unscrewed the lid of a baby bottle and poured nearly eight ounces of milk down eight-month-old Enita Salubi's throat.

Adeleye, a native of Nigeria, testified in her own defense at her trial that she was 'cup-feeding' the baby to ensure she didn't go hungry, a custom in her home country.

She and her attorneys said that she did not mean to hurt the child and that Enita's death was a 'tragic accident.'

Adeleye had others testify in her defense, saying that cup-feeding - that is, pouring liquid in one's hand to feed children when they do not want to eat but need to be fed - was common in Nigeria.

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Publication:Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra, Ghana)
Date:May 16, 2019
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