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72 Handwritten: December 15, 1931.


THE PENN CLUB. 8, 9, 10 TAVISTOCK SQUARE. W.C.1. December 15th 1931

Virginia Woolf, Dear Madam,

May I thank you for the beauty and truth of "The Waves." To read it gives me the keenest joy, and I am filled with exultation that such a lovely thing should be.

Yours very truly,

Grace Wilson.

Letters from readers, Letters about The Waves

Grace Wilson (1903-1991) taught English at Roan's School for Girls in Greenwich, London, from 1930 until her retirement in 1963. She met John Wyndham (1903-1969), the science fiction writer, at the Penn Club (which then offered permanent accommodations) in 1931, they began a relationship in 1935, and a large correspondence between them during the war years exists in the Wyndham archive at the University of Liverpool. They married in 1963 and lived in Petersfield, Hampshire, just outside the grounds of Bedales School where Wyndham had been a young student.

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