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71. The Car of the Season.

In this summer of automotive agnosticism, marked by tentative sales forecasts, rabidly chronicled bike-sharing initiatives, and teenagers more interested in social media than wheels, spare a thought for the Jaguar F-Type: the season's loudest--and perhaps lone--argument for the pleasures of driving. With two seats and a cloth top, the British sports car is a reclamation of motoring as an emotive act. "A sports car should be, above all, a machine that engages you emotionally. It must be thrilling to drive and equally thrilling to look at," says Ian Callum, Jaguar's director of design. "The result is, I believe, a great sports car." Thrilling design is a tall order given the F-Type's inspiration: the E-Type of the '60s, a car Enzo Ferrari deemed the most beautiful ever made. But Callum avoids retro-futurism--a tendency of automakers to design facile updates of their icons--for something more brutal and tailor-made for warm weather. Something that's sure to make for a smooth ride through the Tuacan countryside.

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Title Annotation:101 THINGS
Author:Schultz, Jonathan
Date:Jul 1, 2013
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