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7.62X54R ammo.


Q I have been working with a Mosin-Nagant 91130 I Russian rifle and trying to get the darn thing to shoot accurately. I don't handload, so I am stuck with military ammo or imported ammo. Any suggestions as to things I could do to make this thing shoot?

A There are a number of things you could do to help your rifle. First, check the muzzle. If it's worn, you might want to recrown the barrel. Often these rifles were cleaned from the muzzle with a steel cleaning rod, which damaged the original crown. You might also want to consider installing a commercial Timney trigger. Those rifles have a pretty heavy military trigger and the Timney can make a world of difference in the shooting experience. Finally, use some good ammo. I strongly recommend the new commercial Hornady 7.62x54R Vintage Match ammo. It's great stuff and far better than any surplus military ammo you'll find. With one or all of these three items you should see some improvement in accuracy.

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Title Annotation:Ask the Gunsmith
Author:Coffield, Reid
Publication:Shotgun News
Date:Sep 10, 2015
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