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7-drive CD-ROM tower solution for small LANs.

ProTege Corporation of Anaheim, California, has introduced an easy-to-install 7-drive CD-ROM tower engineered specifically to meet the needs of small LANs. Designed to attach directly to a network workstation, the ProTower-7 installs without the file server coming down, and eliminates the possibility of server slow-down caused by additional CD-ROM traffic. In additional, ProTower-7 software self-configures during installation.

The ProTower-7 provides workstation access without the need for memory-consuming TSRs and accommodates as few as five concurrent users regardless of the NetWare license. Plus, the need to mount volumes when changing CD-ROM titles has been eliminated. Newly inserted titles are immediately usable and can be accessed with standard NetWare, DOS, and Windows commands.

Incorporating double, triple, or quad-speed drives, the ProTower-7 stores up to 4.5 GB of online information and supports an infinite number of workstations running DOS, Windows, NetWare, OS/2, and UNIX.

The ProTower-7 also features a proprietary SCSI "LUN" Enabler which allows all seven drives to occupy a single SCSI ID address. Ideal for systems with limited resources or applications requiring a large number of drives the Enabler increases the maximum number of SCSI devices a host adapter can accommodate from 7 to 49.

The ProTower-7 also provides transparent support for SCSI devices other than CD-ROM. Hard drives, DAT drives, optical drives, and even RAID capabilities can be combined in the tower.

Additional ProTower-7 design features include sliding doors for easy access to drives and cables, individual rear-mounted SCSI select switches, a universal 230W 110/220V auto-switching power supply, and a locking, smoked glass door.

For more information, contact ProTege Corporation, 4165 East La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807, 800/232-13 47, 714/961-7000, Fax: 714/961-0102.

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Date:Dec 1, 1994
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