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7 winter Morning motivational tips.

WThe way you start your day can make a big difference to the way you feel all day," says psychotherapist Robert Stewart, who analysed the Twinings research.

SORT OUT YOUR SLEEP phones and tablets before bed.

If you struggle to get up because you're not getting enough sleep, are there things you can do to address that? BREAKFAST LIKE A KING START WITH A MINDFUL ACTIVITY Mindfulness meditation is growing in popularity all the time, LIGHT UP a real problem. If this is you, could investing in an illuminating alarm clock - which gradually lights up the room, mimicking a summer's morning - help? ALL IN THE PREP MAKE SHOWERING A JOY morning shower is an easy way to turn an everyday task into a real pleasure. I'm not saying spend ages in there using up loads of hot water, but why not invest in a TRANSFORM YOUR COMMUTE You never know, you might even start looking forward to it. (And if you don't commute, you could still start the day with an activity like this).

TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TAKEAWAY? COOKING from scratch is all well and good. But sometimes, there's nothing better than sitting in front of the TV with a huge slab of pizza, or a bowlful of sweet and sour chicken just delivered to your door.

We know it's not exactly good for us - but there are other factors to consider before taking another bite out of that kebab.

White pizza bases and pastas are refined carbohydrates, containing simple sugars that dissolve quickly and cause a spike in mouth acid. Combine that with the acid in the tomato puree, and you have the perfect environment for enamel erosion.

When it comes to Indian and Chinese takeaways, the use of spices and sauces that are heavily pigmented can cause staining - so go sparingly on the curry powder and soy sauce.

Fish and chips aren't free from blame either. Starchy as they are, they're also foods that can be highly processed, meaning packed with hidden preservatives, sugar and salt.

You might think buying a quick salad, wrap or sandwich for lunch isn't the same as a takeaway but the effect on your body isn't always that different.

Sauces in wraps can be high in sugar, and those 'healthy looking' ready-made pasta salads can be full of calories.

As always, the healthiest diet is one that is balanced, with fatty, sugary foods eaten in moderation.



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Date:Jan 7, 2016
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