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TONIGHT The Voice UK ITV, 8pm The Blind Auditions enter their fifth week, as, Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs and Tom Jones reassemble to assess the singing skills of more would-be stars. Emma Willis ushers the contestants on-stage where, yet again, the coaches must decide whether they would like to back each performer based on the power of their voice, rather than their appearance. Only once a coach decides to support the singer are they permitted to turn their chair around and any of the contestants chosen could be in with a chance of securing a recording contract with Polydor.

TOMORROW Endeavour ITV, 8pm When it comes to prestigious drama, they don't come much bigger than this one, thanks to the history of Inspector Morse, the hugely successful show that preceded it. The key to Endeavour's success is Shaun Evans' ability to convince us he could be a young John Thaw, despite looking nothing like the much-missed actor did at the same age. Evans is back again for a fifth series, this time comprising of six episodes. The first begins with the auction of a priceless Faberge egg at Lonsdale College. An infamous international thief attempts to steal it and it's up to the newlypromoted Morse to find the villain. However, the case soon also includes a murderer who shows no sign of ending his killing spree.

| Star watch: Page 32 MONDAY The X-Files C5, 9pm The truth may still be out there, but after this series Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully won't be searching for it - she's already announced that season 11 of the hit sci-fi series will be her last. Her reasons for quitting haven't been revealed, but career-wise she certainly doesn't need the work - she's one of the most sought-after stars around. She isn't doing much, however, in the opening episode, at least not initially. Mulder finds Scully unconscious on the floor of their FBI office and rushes her to hospital. Her brain is working overtime in a neural 'frenzy' and, when she awakes, she reveals that everything she experienced was a premonition of the end of the world - and the only person who can stop it is their son William.

TUESDAY Back In Time For Tea BBC2, 8pm The Ellis family from Bradford discover how life has changed for ordinary working families in the north of England over the last 100 years. Jon, Lesley, Caitlin, Freya and Harvey experience the lives of previous generations, from the food people ate to the jobs they did and how they enjoyed themselves. It opens just after the end of the World War I and the north is on the cusp of great transformation. Presenter Sara Cox and social historian Polly Russell introduce the family to 1918 living and Anita Rani introduces them to the pleasures of rambling, 1930s-style.

WEDNESDAY Peyton And Polizzi's Restaurant Rescue C5, 9pm New series. Drawing upon her years of expertise in the field, Alex Polizzi joins forces with her brother-in-law Oliver Peyton to help save restaurant dreams which have descended into nightmares. They begin with Italian eatery Riobello in Bedford, which is finding it hard to stand out from the town's 40 other Italian concerns. Financial difficulties are driving a wedge between owners Giovani and Amanda and convincing the couple to cut their enormous menu to the bone to win over the Italian community will be no mean feat.

THURSDAY Dale Winton's Florida Fly Drive C5, 9pm New series. The presenter sets off on a 1,500-mile journey around the Sunshine State, visiting some of its best-known landmarks and sampling some of its lesser-known attractions. When he first came to Florida in the 1970s, Walt Disney World was the main attraction, so he begins by returning to the theme park to see if the magic is still there. He also sees if he can bag a bargain in Orlando's busiest shopping centre, has an appointment with a spiritualist and visits the coastal town of St Augustine, where he gets to drink from the Fountain of Youth.

FRIDAY Requiem BBC1, 9pm Matilda tries to convince PC Graves that toddler Carys Howell must have been kept in the basement of Dean House. Graves is dismissive, but later wonders whether there's something to the suggestion. Dean House grows increasingly unsettling, with mysterious occurrences and symbols appearing and a sinister presence that draws Matilda towards a room with a blue door. Matilda and Hal's relationship becomes increasingly strained as Hal urges her to leave, but she remains intent on finding out the truth about her identity. Psychological thriller, starring Lydia Wilson and Joel Fry.

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