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TODAY The John Bishop Show BBC One 9.45pm It's amazing to think that just 10 years ago John Bishop was working as a medical representative for a leading pharmaceutical company, while earning a few bob in his spare time as a stand-up comic in the north west of England.

In 2006, he took the plunge and quit his day job to pursue a career as a full-time comedian.

After making it to the final of a few new act competitions, Bishop appeared on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow in Manchester and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his show Elvis Has Left the Building was nominated for an Eddie.

Arguably though, his big break came when he landed regular slot alongside James Corden, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp on Sky1's sports comedy quiz A League Of Their Own from 2010 onwards.

Now, in this new unimaginatively titled eight-part series, John presents an evening of entertainment, including some of his own gags, recorded at the Hackney Empire theatre in London.

TOMORROW Britain's Got Talent Final ITV, 7.30pm Tonight, the curtain falls on the ninth series of the talent search, and it has been one of the best so far, with a plethora of rough showbiz diamonds taking their chance to sparkle.

As well as the usual deluded talentless performers being given their 15 (well, two) minutes of fame, and providing Ant and Dec with priceless comedy material, over the past eight weeks viewers have witnessed some remarkable acts taking to the stage.

Although these acts have added variety, it seems most of the major contenders for the prize of PS250,000 and the chance to perform at this year's Royal Variety Show will once again be singers and dancers.

Crooner Calum Scott, who was the beneficiary of Cowell's Golden Buzzer, and Siberian shadow dance sensations UDI were the front runners with the bookies before last week's semi-finals got under way.

They were closely followed by soulful singing group Revelation Avenue, Bangor-based choir Cor Glenaethwy, operatic singer Emma Jones and five-piece London dance act, Boyband.

MONDAY Patagonia with Huw Edwards BBC One Wales, 9pm It's 150 years since the Welsh set sail across the Atlantic on board Mimosa in search of a new life in South America.

To mark the anniversary, Huw Edwards fulfils a lifelong ambition to travel to Patagonia and embarks on a 7,000-mile journey to meet some of the descendants of the first settlers who sailed on Mimosa across the Atlantic. It was one of the greatest adventures in the history of Wales.

The programme shows Huw Edwards playing a hymn on the harmonium that arrived in Patagonia in 1865 with the Welsh pioneers, and explores the prospects for the Welsh language in the colony and what the future holds for the culture the pioneers strived to protect.

TUESDAY The Syndicate BBC One, 9pm Like the previous two series, this third run is written by Kay Mellor, and focuses on a group of people whose numbers come up.

This time around, the setting is Hazelwood Manor, a once impressive stately home in Yorkshire, which is now falling into disrepair - what was once a staff of 30 has been reduced to just five.

The lord of the manor (Anthony Andrews) also seems to be fading fast, while his second wife (Alice Krige) and stepson Spencer (Sam Phillips) seem more interested in keeping up aristocratic appearances than clearing any debts.

In this opening episode, the future is looking especially rocky when the staff discovers that a group of American visitors haven't just come to take part in the annual shoot.

WEDNESDAY Long Lost Family ITV, 9pm It's time to stock up on tissues - the most emotional show on TV is back for a fifth series.

If you're new to the Bafta-winning Long Lost Family, it's pretty self-explanatory. It sees Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reuniting people with their missing relatives.

First up are childhood sweethearts Susan and Chris Ellerton who met at school in Scunthorpe, and began dating in their early teens. Susan was just 14 when she discovered she was pregnant, and the adults around her reacted in shock.

The episode also features former soldier Paul Wright, who was stationed in West Germany during the 1980s, and fathered a daughter, Katrina, with a local woman. When he was posted back to England, the child's mother met someone else, and the family eventually cut off contact. His own efforts to track his daughter down have been unsuccessful, but now he's hoping the Long Lost Family team can find her so he can finally let her know that it wasn't his choice to leave.

THURSDAY Dementiaville Channel 4, 9pm It's been predicted that in the future, one in three people in the UK will be affected by dementia. Yet despite this, it remains a complex disease with no known cure. This new threepart series aims to offer an insight into the illness by exploring the idea of memory, and also looking at how different people deal with it. The first edition visits Poppy Lodge, a care home which takes a controversial approach to dementia. As the condition frequently destroys recent memories while leaving some older ones in tact, the staff have decided that rather than trying to bring the residents back to reality, they will instead help them embrace their own perceptions by recreating moments from their past.

FRIDAY Chalkie Davies: Back In Focus BBC Two Wales, 9pm Chalkie Davies, from Sully, was always a keen amateur photographer and when he won a camera club competition in 1973 the door opened onto a career in rock 'n' roll.

In the late 1970s he was a photographer at the New Musical Express, taking pictures of bands like Thin Lizzy, the Clash, the Sex Pistols and many more. Now, as his first major exhibition opens at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff, he looks back on an extraordinary life.

He became a favourite among punk and new wave bands including The Specials, Squeeze and Elvis Costello. Chalkie's pictures summed up the era and many are classics of rock 'n' roll photography. But by the mid 1980s he'd become disenchanted with the music business, where image mattered more than music.


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