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The Duke Spirit are back with an incredible new single, out now, from forthcoming album Kin.

The track, Blue and Yellow Light, will delight fans and win them more than a few new ones, and even features backing vocals from long-time band friend Mark Lanegan. It promises great things for the new record, which will hit shops in February 2016.

We talked to singer Liela Moss to find out more about the brilliant London outfit's return - and when we can expect to see them back on Scottish stages. The new single Blue and Yellow Light is out now. Is it a good indication of what to expect from the album? Yes. I've experimented with singing in different registers on this album and worked harder at closer, stranger harmony, which this song introduces a little. Toby built this single over bass and synth, which was a new way of constructing songs for us, so you'll notice a different character running throughout because of things like this. The song is a very personal one for you - how does it feel to get it out there? I don't really feel it is 'out there', I just know the composition of song is a way trying to understand yourself, trying to chip away at the pangs and pains, to look at them in a different way than during your average day. Projecting it out into the airwaves is maybe a way of understanding too. It's commitment, it's an act of fearlessness because you can't go back and say it in another way or with different notes.

Where are you at with the album and when can we expect to hear it? It's been finished for many months. It's just in the chiller cabinet and ready to pop in February 2016.

Twelve years on, how does it feel to be together and making music that's still seen as cutting edge? The longer you keep the entity going - the band, that is - the more you get to cringe at awful old photos. You've seen a lot of changes in the industry - do you find it harder as a band now? It's maybe easier now in a way: our initial couple of years of releasing material was exactly as the digital-free-sharing culture kicked in.

So big disappointments, not enough numbers crunching and I felt like it was because we were s***. Now I think there is always a better song to write but culture has now digested the new era. More people understand more about the devaluation of music sales. You've done a couple of London shows to mark your return _ when can we expect you to play Scotland? As soon as we can. Fans, please get in touch - then we'll know what size venue to book.

What's the plan for 2016? Crank up the old tour truck, see people and play again. But also I'm trying to write an album of lullabies. That's on the side. Toby writes constantly, so I'm sure he'll be busy. We are all hoping to get more Dukes songs together too, so we are booking studio time. I'm going to ask Olly to finally teach me to play the drums. Luke's quite a good break dancer so I think we should all get some lessons with him before the next tour. Could be a tantalising new dimension to the show.


SPIRITED... Liela Moss

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 22, 2015
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