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7 QUESTIONS; ..with long-standing dance stars Chicane.

We caught up with Nick Bracegirdle of Chicane, the legendary dance outfit famed for their progressive Balearic sound. Chicane headline Hogmanay at 02 Academy, Glasgow. For tickets, go to You're one of the longestrunning dance acts. What is the secret to your longevity? I think the biggest help to longevity is to have a unique sound.

If you're lucky to have that, people seek that out. I'd like to think that whatever I do sounds like Chicane. Whether it's a dance track or a pop song or a mix for someone.

Of course, the one thing everything gets about this longevity thing is that you've got to want to keep doing it, finding out new things and trying to better the last thing you did.

I look at the Rolling Stones and their 50 years together. I read something from Keith Richards where he was saying the bottom line was, no matter what he was doing, he would rather be playing with the guys in the Stones. You've got to have the desire.

You've obviously seen a lot of changes. Is clubbing and dance music in a good way right now? Yes, I think it is. With social media, clubbing is one of the ways we can have some actual interaction.

There's nothing better than a crowd together having a good time. Clubbing has become a more universal thing too, more inclusive somehow. It was very much a lifestyle choice in the early days on Ibiza, now it's global on a massive scale. We may list and download alone but it's not until we're all in a room together the power is felt. As someone so inspired by all things Balearic, how do you find Ibiza these days? I haven't been there too much over the last few years.

Last year, I stayed at Pikes and a lot of the old faces were around. Looking slightly older of course - but none the less attractive. I think by 2002, I had Ibiza'd myself out. We needed a rest from it. I have nothing but fond and crazy memories of it now though. You've famously had two albums leaked online. How infuriating is it when this happens? Well, if you went home at the end of the month, having worked hard and you were told you wouldn't get paid for what you've done, how would you feel? Easy to Assemble became a massive bootleg album though. It's not nice, a Pandora's box situation. The problem was that the major labels didn't take the internet seriously, there was either a stupidity or an arrogance And by the time they realised that their product could be pilfered, it was too late. Financially, I have suffered twice from having stuff stolen and given away. How we stop it, I don't know. There are people out there who see music as free and don't value the medium.

What's happening right now in terms of new music for you? I'm interested in working with artists from all cultures. The last album, I recorded some tracks in Iceland, collaborating with a band called Vigri and that was a great experience. One of my favourite live shows was at Koko this year.

Two of the guys from Vigri came over and performed live - complete with presents of rotting fish and lethal Icelandic liqueurs. At the moment, there's a whole balance between studio and live. Not primarily being a DJ, being a writer and producer, everything starts with me, and that's sometimes a slow process. Glasgow on Hogmanay has got to be pretty exciting. Have you anything special planned and any particular memories here? Glasgow is one of a kind, especially on New Year's Eve. I know the city will supply its own contribution to that night, as it always does.

We will have a celebration. Last year, we were in South Africa and that was very interesting. It's nice to be nearer home this time. I'm expecting some old favourites to show their boozy heads.

What's coming up next year for you? I have a new album I'm working on with some pretty amazing collaborations. I've just been recording in Mumbai with Anushka Manchanda too.

There's supposed to be another record with Ferry Corsten next year to bookend One Thousand Suns. All that and more touring.

A bit of time off in Dundee, where I have family. I took a week out earlier in the year and visited the islands.

Actually, I don't know why I'm talking about time off. A new album to finish, shows to do, tracks to write and produce.


MAIN MAN Nick Bracegirdle
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