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7 Filipina models barred from LA fashion show.

Singer Kiana Valenciano, former Miss Earth Jamie Herrell, and five other Filipina models were forbidden from walking the runway during the opening night of the LA Fashion Week.

Valenciano and the rest of the girls were supposed to walk for Filipino designers, Rocky Gathercole and Resty Lagare.

In a video posted by Valenciano's mom, artist-manager Angeli Pangilinan, the singer expressed her dismay over the event organizers' decision to bar Filipina models from the show.

"[It's] Confusing that designers Rocky Gathercole and Resty Lagare were Filipinos and they couldn't have Filipina models," Valenciano said.

The youngest child of Gary and Angeli Valenciano also gave a message to the models who were not permitted to walk for the show.

"The opinion of one guy does not define who you are ... no one can tell you that (you) aren't beautiful," the singer said.

"This is just going to make us tougher. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," she added.

Angeli, for her part, likewise expressed her disappointment on the unfortunate event.

" I am a mother and I am Filipina. And I am hurt. It was heartbreaking for me (as Kiana was excited) ...but more so for the 6 other Filipinas who were there at the Macarthur already," she captioned one of her Instagram posts.

"Seeing makeup artist Cherry Ordonez cry as she relayed how shabbily former Miss Earth Jamie Herrell was treated and how humiliated the five Filipina models were after being rejected with an announcement 'No Filipinas will walk' saddened and angered me," Kiana's mother continued.

Pangilinan also decried how they were not given an explanation as to why the Pinay models were not allowed to walk the runway.

"Was it a height issue? Then explain it kindly. We flew thousands of miles to participate in the fundraiser because Jacob and his partner Filipina Mildred Deang personally called us. We were hesitant as she had schedules but we moved them for the event," she stated.

In closing, the artist-manager expressed her gratitude to those who stood up for her daughter and the rest of the Filipina models.

"It must have been so difficult for you to be firm with your decision not to participate in the fashion show which was totally your show but you stood by the girls," Angeli wrote.


Kiana Valenciano (Instagram / MANILA BULLETIN)

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Date:Mar 15, 2018
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