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7 Demographic Trends Driving Employee Communication - How to Reach and Engage the Changing Global Workforce.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 7 Demographic Trends Driving Employee Communication to their offering

This landmark report gives you a clear picture of seven important trends that are radically changing the global workforce today and over the next two decades. You'll get important new insights into the implications of these sweeping demographic changes on developing strategies, building messages and creating communication vehicles that reach employees most effectively.

Workforce demographics have changed dramatically over the past two decades. Twenty years ago, most of your co-workers spoke your language and shared your nationality and ethnicity. Today, employees come from different geographies, and have vastly different educational levels and backgrounds.

To help our clients and colleagues understand major demographic trends, and use that information to improve communication with employees, we have developed this report '7 Demographic Trends Driving Employee Communication'.

Although demographics can seem overwhelming, we've found that the more you know about your employees, the more effectively you can develop strategies, refine tactics, and position yourself as an expert in reaching and engaging your workforce.

Report Objectives

- Create understanding about global demographic trends

- Explore how these trends impact the workplace and employee communication

- Suggest ways you can respond to demographic trends today and in the future

- Help you apply demographic analysis to your own organization

Report Features

- Seven key demographic trends reshaping the global workforce over the next two decades

- Thought-provoking synthesis of the impact of workforce demographic changes on employee communication

- Demographic data that is essential to know about your employee audience

- Strategies for harnessing demographics to enhance communication programs

- Extensive resources to deepen your knowledge about and understanding of demographics

- Revealing, descriptive statistics that illustrate major demographic trends

Report Benefits

- Quickly get up to speed on demographics and why it matters

- Understand the communication challenges surrounding changing workforce characteristics

- Learn what you need to do differently with messages and vehicles to respond to demographic trends

- Discover what key demographic information you should be gathering and where to find it

- See how to leverage employee demographics to build a communication strategy that won't become obsolete overnight

- Position yourself as an expert on your organization's employee demographic profile

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 8, 2005
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