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65+ round robin.

Jerry Yee beat his brother Danny in the 70-plus final a year ago and was the only player to enter the 70s this year. No matter, as Yee dropped down and was dominant in the 65-plus singles round robin.

"Make sure you mention I'm the oldest player in the whole tournament," Yee said.

Then he quickly corrected himself and noted he was the oldest player competing in singles. That he was, but you'd never know it. Fit and prepared, Yee moved better and hit better than the rest of his compatriots over the weekend.

Tim Murray squared off with Yee on the final day and had a plan since he was still in the running for the overall win in spite of an earlier loss.

"I've got to serve well and take my chances," Murray said after admitting he was sore from his close match the previous day.

But Yee would have none of Murray's plan, pretty much holding serve in the two-game victory. Murray did hold on to second place by virtue of scoring the most points, overcoming his earlier defeat against Richard Kocher.

1: Jerry Yee (New York) d. Richard Kocher (Hoboken, N.J.) 11, 9; d. Tim Murray (Miami) 4, 1; d. Phil Simmons (Commack, N.Y.) 9, 0.

2: Kocher d. Murray 13, 8.

3: Murray d. Simmons 19, 20.

4: Simmons d. Kocher, def.

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Date:Nov 1, 2019
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