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62% of Bulgarians Approve of EU Membership a[euro]" Survey.

Bulgarians are rather favorably inclined towards the country's EU membership and Schengen accession, according to a survey of the Open Society Institute a Sofia.

According to a nationwide survey of OSI-Sofia conducted in the period June 16 a July 6, 2014, around 62% of those polled assessed positively Bulgaria's EU membership, while 23% were opposed to it, and 14% expressed no opinion on the matter.

The biggest advantage of Bulgaria's EU membership was said to be the availability of more job opportunities (30%), followed by the free travel (16%) and access to EU funds (11%).

Bulgarians expressed positive views about Bulgaria's accession to Schengen, with a 57% rate of approval and a 12% of disapproval.

40% of those polled opposed the participation of Bulgaria in sanctions against other countries.

10% of the respondents backed harsher EU sanctions against Russia over its role in the crisis in Ukraine, while 21% opposed harsher sanctions.

28% of the polled agreed that the South Stream gas pipeline was to be built only with the approval of the European Commission, while 22% said that it had to be built regardless of the approval of the EC, and 9% claimed that it was not be built and as many as 41% had no opinion on the matter.

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Publication:Sofia News Agency
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Date:Aug 4, 2014
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