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60s Jack the cad.

Byline: Dawn C o l l ins on

WAS it retro gynaecology week on TV this week? It certainly looked that way with the factual Dr Masters on C4 being hotly (and I do mean very hotly) pursued by Jack Davenport as suave surgeon Otto Powell in ITV1's Breathless (Thursday).

He was the key character playing doctors and nurses in this stylish new six-parter set in 1961. There was no mistaking the decade, everything was rich in period detail from the clothes, to the beautiful cars and design.

And the issues of the time were very much in evidence too: central to this opener was Otto's lucrative sideline of assisting posh women in trouble by offering illegal abortions at home.

There's far more to Otto than the sharp suits and side-parting which meet the eye. Why does he have a gun in his top desk drawer for instance? Secrets, lies and furtive eyebrow-raising abounded in what promises to be gripping drama to come.


DEEP BREATH: Natasha Little, Jack Davenport and Catherine Steadman
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2013
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