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600 Women and Girls take part in sports in Quezon.

In a society where gender equality is always an issue for debate, sport is, and will always be, one of the driving factors to defy gender stereotypes.

As part of its activities in observance of the National Women's Month Celebration in March, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) organized an event for 'Women and Girls in Sports' held last February 6 to 9 at the Municipality of Sariaya in the Province of Quezon.

The said event aimed to promote equity among women so as to help them achieve their life goals, improve self-confidence and become independent and competitive individuals like men.

Some 600 participants composed of youth, housewives and even senior citizens joined the four-day sportsfest featuring some of their Laro ng Lahi or Indigenous Games such as tug of war, sack race, kadang kadang sa kahoy, and egg catching.

Aside from native sports, basketball and volleyball games, and Zumba were also held during the celebration.

'I'm hoping that what we are doing in women in sports (WIS) will be done all over the country to give a chance for more women to feel the joy in playing. Ang sports ay para sa lahat.' said PSC oversight Commissioner for Women in Sports Celia Kiram.

Commissioner Kiram thanked the local government of Sariaya for helping them pull off a successful event.

Mayor Marcelo Gayeta and his team were very cooperative, providing the local transportation for all the participants and made sure that a standby medical team and ambulance for emergencies were available.

'We are happy to help them start up a sports program,' said Kiram.

The PSC also donated sports equipment to the city government of Sariaya to help them start in developing their sports and wellness program.

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Publication:Mindanao Times (Mindanao, Philippines)
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Date:Feb 12, 2020
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