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60 year partnership still going strong.

A successful partnership which has endured for 60 years is being celebrated by Bogdon Candy and Innovia Films. US manufacturers of chocolate-dipped sugar candy, Bogdon Candy Co. of Kansas City has used Cellophane packaging throughout its long history. The company has tested other materials but none has performed like Cellophane. Initially it was the stiff, crispness of Cellophane and the luxurious feel that was the main appeal. However, as the business has grown so has its need for very fast production lines. Nowadays the sticks are wrapped at 700 per minute and static problems which would ensue with any film other than Cellophane would be immense.

The Bogdon chocolate coated candy sticks are distributed throughout the US to customers ranging from Bloomingdales to small local restaurants. The busy factory has to operate two shifts to keep up with demand which also sees overseas sales to Japan, the UK, Canada and Mexico. Bogdon candy sticks comprise a core of hard spun sugar candy either totally or partially dipped in dark chocolate. The slightly honeycombed centre may be flavoured with mint, fruit, cinnamon, Kahlua, Amaretto and Peppermint.

The Cellophane wrapper includes a virtually invisible lap seal and provides a hygienic protection for the sticks. Made from wood pulp from managed plantations, Cellophane, which is manufactured by Innovia Films at its plants in Tecumseh, Kansas and Wigton, UK, is heat resistant to around 400[degrees]F, anti-static, and has natural dead-fold characteristics.

Cellophane is a registered trademark of the Innovia Films Group.

Visit Bogdon Candy Co. at and Innovia Films Group at
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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