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6. Which brewery supplies the [...].

1. Which 1958 musical was based on a short 6. Which brewery supplies the Rover's Return in story by Colette? Coronation Street? 2. What word is given to the wheeled support 7. The Star-Spangled Banner became the US national anthem by Act of Congress in 1931. Who for a film or television camera? Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Gigi; 2 Dolly; 3 The Khyber Pass; 4 The Day Of The Triffids; 5 A sardine; 6 Newton and Ridley; 7 Francis Scott Key; 8 Oxford; 9 Prince Albert; 10 Blaze of Glory. wrote the words? 3. Peshawar and Torkham in Asia are linked 8. The novels and TV series about Inspector Morse by which famous route? are set in which English city? 4. In which novel and film do mobile giant 9. Who is the only son of Prince Rainier of Monaco? plants attack humans? 10. Which Jon Bon Jovi track from the film Young Jon Bon Jovi - see Question 10 5. What is a young pilchard called? Guns II won an Oscar for best song?
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 7, 2012
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