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6. Which US TV comedy [...].

6. Which US TV comedy series featured a sheriff 1. In which European city is the Spanish Riding School, famed for its Lipizzan horses? called Roscoe P. Coltrane? 2. In which sport are salopettes and cagoules worn? 7. Which royal house ruled the Austro-Hungarian empire from the 15th century until 1918? 3. Which animated film features the song Bright Eyes? Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Vienna; 2 Skiing; 3 Watership Down; 4 Les Paul; 5 The Victoria Cross; 6 The Dukes of Hazzard; 7 Hapsburg; 8 Les Miserables; 9 A cob; 10 The South Atlantic.

8. Anne Hathaway won a Best Supporting 4. Guitar and multi-tracking innovator Lester Polfuss was better known as who? Actress Oscar for her role in which 2012 film? 9. What is a male swan called? 5. Which medal consists of a bronze cross on a crimson ribbon with the inscription 'For Valour'? 10. In which ocean is the island group of Tristan Anne Hathaway - see Question 8 da Cunha?
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2013
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