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We've been treated to a feast of the very latest in cinematic technology this year. The merchandising machines have been hard at work so that fans can take home a piece of the action. From role-play kit and children's play sets to gadgets and toys with a wider appeal for kids of all ages, there's certainly plenty around. So, after a tireless week of searching the shelves for the best on offer, here's our hot half-dozen of the kit available on planet Earth.

LETHAL LIMB - Terminator fist (pounds 29.99, from Stick this over your wrist and it'll rumble and make sounds from the Terminator film.

Not enough for you hardcore fans? Press a button and marvel as the fist flies off the end - one for those looking to beat the coconut-shy guy in impressive fashion, perhaps.

TALK IS CHEAP - Star Trek USB VoiP Communicator (pounds 49.99, from Plug this in your computer's USB and download the necessary software to enjoy free global chat on a gadget that anyone on the USS Enterprise would be proud of.

There are 21 authentic sounds inside, so each time you make an internet call you'll be reminded of Captain Kirk and his crew.

STELLAR SEAT - Captain Kirk chair (pounds 1,499.99, from Something for serious 'Trekkies' only, and not exactly cheap, it's a gadget that's set to stun placed in any boardroom - imagine the reaction when they see you upon this outer-space throne.

Packed with sounds, lights and phrases from the original series, this 41-inch high seat will have guests queueing to park their posteriors upon it.

YELLOW PERIL - Bumblebee Voice-Changer Helmet (pounds 40, from Undergo your own personal transformation as you don this helmet - at the press of a button you can convert your own voice into the one of this unsung hero.

A couple of other options allow phrases from the second Transformers film to sound, and the third sets free authentic sounds. Or just place it on a wall, the detail is superb.

SIX INTO ONE - Transformers MV2 Supreme Combiner (pounds 99.99, from Devastator might well only have a bit part in the Transformers films, but the play value of this toy will last much longer.

Six mini-construction toys mould into one cracking creation that's fun to build and looks the business when finished.

INTERPLANETARY OPENER - Star Trek bottle capper (pounds 11.99, from Being stuck in space without any method of opening that bottle of beer must be a real bind, so make sure you don't suffer the same fate with this pocket-sized cap popper.

The shape of the flagship USS Enterprise, it'll impress enough even before you put it to work releasing bottle tops of Klingons in a tight spot.
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 28, 2009
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