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6 of the best; non-chocolate Easter gifts.

VERY CHEWY - leather egg seat - pounds 249.99 at

Definitely pricey but the suggestion is you'll perhaps be tempted to treat yourself. This faux leather and chrome retro seat has a slight recline, but it's the 360 degree swivel and the fun to be had spinning around that really appeals.

CRACK COMMANDOS - egg soldier cup - pounds 9.95 at

Three plastic protectors armed with nothing more than bendy knives to protect your egg against the onslaught of your teaspoon - they don't stand a chance.

Still, they will do a mighty fine job of keeping your boiled one upright during the attack.

HATCHED - FurReal Duckling - pounds 12.99 from

It's a cute and cuddly electronic toy bird which flaps its wings, raises its head, opens its beak and makes duckling sounds, and, best of all, the more you interact, the more the duckling plays.

EGGHEADS - Lego egg cups - pounds 9.99 at

Egg cups disguised as decapitated LEGO mini figures - what a wonderfully simple idea that has been egg-secuted superbly.

Two cups complete with lids in each set, these are destined to remain on display and not sit at the back of dark cupboards.

GLOWING EGGS - colour phasing eggs - pounds 9.95 from

Each one of these battery-operated illuminators will phase through purple, blue, green and red, or, if you prefer, they can be locked on to one colour, adding an alien-like ambience to any room.

Nine centimetres tall, you'll get a trio of these phasers for under a tenner.

EGG NO SPOON RACE - Mr Egg - pounds 9.99 at

A weighty chromium-plated egg cup with pull-back action. Instead of stopping the eggs rolling off, Mr Egg actively encourages them to roll.

Build a track atop your breakfast table with toasted soldiers, as spectators try to avoid the floor becoming the finishing line.
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Date:Mar 20, 2008
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